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Sakina on her latest book and her journey as a writer

Sakina Mohammed, a written and spoken social media poet, full time mom and henna artist on hiatus, is also fundamentally someone looking for her own identity and currently looking to spread positivity and share her posts in n ‘any small as she can.

Sakina Mohammed

She recently published a collection of poems entitled My poetic place: the journey towards self-discovery, and I chatted with Brunch to help us discover the inspiration and meaning of the book. Here’s what she shared with us.

What made you decide to become a writer?

Back in school, I started to write stories and poems; then I later studied literature as a subject for my ordinary levels (O / L). I have always enjoyed reading and writing. I had such amazing teachers growing up that it was surely in school that the inspiration and passion for my writing came. Rudyard kipling Yes is my all time favorite and I’m also a fan of Emily Dickinson’s poetry!

What is your book about?

As the name suggests, My poetic place: the journey towards self-discovery, my poetry is my heartwarming place and these poems are messages to my soul in good and bad times, dedicated to different backgrounds and human emotions and experiences throughout my journey of self-discovery. There is the life, the realities, the positivity, the motivation, the love, the importance of emotional and mental well-being that I wrote, taking inspiration from nature, my environment and the lessons that life taught me.

What was the inspiration behind this?

As a sensitive person, capturing my emotions in poems has been therapeutic. I started my blog as a way to connect with myself at a point of the many complexities I faced. After receiving the appreciation from my family and friends, I moved on to social media and it was very rewarding. This book is my childhood dream come true, and my writing helps me cope, heal and move forward with hope.

Was there something interesting that you had to delete from your book?

Oh, it’s been an endless chopping and chopping process. I first wrote nearly a hundred poems during the pandemic and the lockdowns alone; I participated in many prompts and challenges, so I was left with a large collection of poems and other writings that I had written in my spare time. I left out many, many more poems than I wish I could have included.

What’s the biggest challenge you face when writing?

My challenge is time! I just can’t focus when other things are happening unless it’s a random thought. Then I make sure to write it down. So I end up writing at night in dead silence – that’s when the writer in me wakes up.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Write, no matter what you choose as a profession. Express yourself; words have a lot of power. Many times it may seem like no one is interested as the world moves more towards digital entertainment, but if you search enough, there are plenty of platforms where writers share and connect that you can use to dig deeper. your writing and expressing yourself, surrounded by likes of minded people.

What do you love most about writing?

It’s definitely that I don’t have to limit myself. I can drain all of my excess energy with my ink and calm down. Later when I start to re-read what I’ve written, it really helps, especially since I’m able to look at things from different angles as well.

Do you have something coming up for 2022?

This year, it’s about going as far as possible with this book. Reads, spread the word and connect. I have good hope ; I am sometimes anxious, but I definitely look forward to the year ahead.

‘My Poetic Place: The Journey to Self-Discovery’ by Sakina Mohammed can be purchased through The Jam Fruit Tree publications.

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