My Poetic Place: Sri Lankan poet Sakina writes a journey to self-discovery in her latest book


Colombo, October 17 ( – The book launch “MY POETIC PLACE: The Journey to Self-Discovery” took place on October 13 at 5:00 pm virtually. Given the pandemic situation and the new standards, author Sakina Mohammed released her book by uploading a compilation of wishes to her social media accounts.

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Sakina is a Sri Lankan-born poet, full-time mother and creative chaos who manages a few of her passionate projects. Born June 15, she believes her intrinsic Gemini traits have endowed her with strong word fluency, colorful thoughts, and a sharp wit! She received her basic education at Burhani Serendib School in Colombo, under the EDEXCEL program in London and received further training in home science, and is a professional henna artist.

Her love for literature started quite early, as at school she wrote poems and stories and shared them with teachers and friends, two of her stories were even displayed at the school library in the reference section. She still cares about her first book of poems written during her school years. Unfortunately, after the end of her school years, although her love for poetry has always lived on, inspiring her to write on special occasions, social life has diverted her from art.

Sakina Mohammed. Image credits – Sakina

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A few years ago she found inspiration to connect with her childhood love for the divine art of literature and this time there was no way to hold her back. She first started with a blog called “MY POETIC PLACE” and shared it with her family and friends. All the appreciation and support she received encouraged her and she ventured out onto social media, posting on Instagram and Facebook. Soon, she started receiving anthology offers and appearing on Instagram pages for prompts and other challenges.

During the pandemic time, Sakina says her poetry supported her as she made the most of the lockdown to write to the fullest of her ability and continued to share with her readers and took this opportunity to interact with many others. poets from all over the world. She has also taken a step ahead by creating inspirational spoken poetry videos on mental and emotional well-being themes and motivational topics with the goal of creating positivity through her art.

Currently, Sakina has been appointed Moderator of the Sri Lankan Bureau by the Literary Forum Motivational Strips, the Forum of the World’s Most Active Writers. She has also been featured on several occasions on the Motivational Strips Forum affiliate Bharat Vision website, featured in the inaugural episode, as well as the upcoming debut episode of the Motivational Strips Forum affiliate Bharat Vision Channel. She was also featured by the Eve Poetry magazine website as the Poet of the Day. She received the annual honor “CESAR VALLEJO 2020” from the Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE), the largest union of Spanish writers in the world, the “Shakespeare Medal” and recently received the “Gujarat Sahitya Academy Award 2021 On the occasion of Republic Day of India and was featured in local newspapers as a congratulation for the award.

She belongs to a literary group called The Writers Unite from which she has continuously received certificates for participating in their challenges as a winner and finalist. Ryan-run Instagram page named @ (Instagram) manages the daily prompts and publishes anthologies at the end of the month featuring the winners of those prompts, Sakina has also featured on these anthologies during the last round of months continuously.

The literary magazine “The Dreamscape” published by Open Skies Collections presented its poem on dreams to very eminent poets. Apart from these features, she has also co-authored the books “It’s all about me and you” published by @words_with_coffee (Instagram), “Feild of Hues” published by Writers Pocket. “La vie est belle” by Spectrum of Thoughts, “Love, Lust, Liseouscness” published by Pen Of India Publication and “Repository of Emotions” published by Bookmarked Publishers. Sakina regularly posts her work on her Instagram page @sakinas_expressions (Instagram) and numerous literary forums and groups on Facebook.

Image credits – Sakina

His book, as the name suggests, “MY POETIC PLACE: The Journey to Self-Discovery” is a collection of poems that inspire, uplift and motivate. Some thought-provoking poems about the realities of life and the positive outlook, including some poems about love close to her heart. She believes her book has the power to touch hearts and bring a smile to a reader going through a difficult period.

“MY POETIC PLACE” The Journey of Self-Discovery, books of poetry are available for purchase at The Jam Fruit Tree Publications and Writer’s Club store at 366 First Floor, Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 00300. Money Orders worldwide (bank transfers and PayPal payments accepted) and cash on delivery throughout the island.

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