Nature inspires me – Siji Juba


By Tosin Ajiire

Siji Juba is a multifaceted man. He is a creative writer, poet and entertainer whose passion for football knows no bounds.

As a writer, his works have featured in The great interest during his football show Youtube, Home Football Discussion, keep making waves.

In this interview, Juba, who is an ardent supporter of Manchester United, opens up about his career, new anthology, paper planes and other issues.

Why did you choose to be a poet/writer?

Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Poetry or prose helps me see life in another context.

Is creative writing common in your family or are you the only writer?

No, I’m not the only writer in my family; my immediate eldest sister is also a writer and has some very good books to her credit. My mother also likes to read and write although she has not published any of her books.

How many books have you written so far?

I’ve written many books, which haven’t come out yet. But now I only drop one. It’s titled, paper planes.

How do you find inspiration to write what you write?

I am mainly inspired by life, but also by my immediate environment.

Some people drink or smoke for inspiration. What exactly do you do before you pick up the pen?

In fact, I’m not doing anything exceptional. I don’t need to smoke or drink before I have the inspiration to write; it comes naturally to me.

What inspired your collection of poetry, paper planes?

The daily life and activities around me have inspired my collection of poetry, paper planes.

Do you write by hand or with a computer and how would you describe your writing style??

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I write by hand and also with the computer.

What challenges do you face as a writer?

The biggest challenge has to be writer’s block.

So how do you manage this?

Whenever that happens, I sketch and try to focus on other things. Or I can just decide to relax, eat well, then go back to the draft and edit it.

For you, is writing self-sufficient?

Yeah, that’s it self-sufficient.

You are a football fanatic and a Manchester United supporter, why should you care about football and no other sport?

Growing up, I was always passionate about watching and analyzing football. All my life, football has surrounded me.

With your passion for football, would you have liked to be a professional footballer rather than a creative writer?

No, I love being a writer and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, not even football.

You have a program on YouTube, Talk about football in the house where you talk about football and stuff. When did you start the program and what exactly inspired it?

I started the program about two or three years ago. I was inspired to do this because of my deep passion for football. In fact, the viewers’ response to the program has been genuine and fantastic. I really appreciate that.

What new things do we expect from you for the new year??

People should expect more books from me this year. Also, I want to be a better and improved writer because I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. I will also post more football analytic videos on my YouTube channel, and possibly a podcast as well.


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