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A play fans were thrilled when they learned on June 29 that One Piece Movie: Gold will be re-released in US theaters from July 24th with the dub and sub on the 26th. This is fantastic news and a great way to prepare fans for the next One Piece Movie: Red released in August.

However, A playThe biggest fans of may be looking for even grander adventures featuring the sea, piracy, fantasy elements and incredible world-building while they wait. Luckily, there are plenty of other stories that fans of A play can read to hold them back until more franchise content comes out.


ten The dark tower

Roland Deschain staring at the dark tower.

The dark tower is a series of dark fantasy novels written by Stephen King, but it also contains quite a lot of sci-fi and western elements.

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The dark tower The series may seem like an out-of-the-box choice, but the journey that Roland Deschain, aka “the Gunslinger”, undergoes is in many ways similar to that of the Straw Hat Pirates. Both head towards their goal, not knowing much about it and not even knowing for sure if it’s real. Either way, they’re looking for it and that’s their whole quest. Both are long lasting and require a lot of hardship along the way.

9 Monkey King: Journey West

Sun Wukong on the cover of Monkey King: Journey to the West.

Travel west written by Wu Cheng’en may seem like a recommendation better suited to dragonball fans, but that can’t be helped with the Wano Country arc being the biggest story arc of A play.

This magical Chinese fantasy tale focuses on the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, who seeks immortality. While the Wa Land arc is Japanese inspired, there are many similarities between the two East Asian folklore and mythology. Travel west is also an epic saga in search of a goal that allows Sun Wukong to gather many friends along the way and endure incredible battles.

8 The princess to be married

The cover of the novel Princess Bride.

Most may know the movie best, but The princess to be married is originally a novel written by William Goldman.

The novel is just as fun, romantic and adventurous as the film with engaging fantasy elements (and of course pirates). Although the film is fantastic and one of the best PG fantasy films, fans who want the best overall experience should opt for the novel. There is more depth behind the characters and much more intensity in the scenes giving suspense and wonder.

seven Peter and Wendy

The cover of Peter and Wendy's novel.

Peter and Wendy was written by JM Barrie, although most people know him from the classic Disney film Peter Pan. Peter Pan has a cheerful childish attitude comparable in many ways to Monkey D. Luffy.

Neither of them is afraid of death and both see everything as one big adventure. Captain Hook is also a relatively important character in giving the vision of pirates with hooks which may have indirectly inspired Crocodile’s design. It’s a fun fantasy tale battling the pirates that all A play fan would like.

6 Elric of Melniboné: sailor on the seas of fate

Official Elric art bringing together the magic of the Elric novel: Sailor on the Seas of Fate.

Sailor on the seas of fate is the third novel chronologically by Michael Moorcock Elric of Melnibone series of novels. However, only a general knowledge of the character is necessary before reading it.

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It features one of the best Elric stories in the franchise by giving epic battles, tons of exploration across the sea, and finding lots of new islands that help build the world in surprising and interesting ways. This book also helps uncover some of the mysteries of the Elric race’s past, and each A play fan loves mysteries and their revelations. Although it may be a much darker story than A playany older fan would love this.

5 Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow

All eight novels in the Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean prequel novel series.

Many A play fans are already fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. However, there happens to be a series of children’s novels written by Rob Kidd that tells the story of Johnny Depp’s best character, Jack Sparrow, as a teenager before he was captain of the Black Pearl.

Although these novels are aimed at young readers, older ones can also enjoy them. Especially if they want a more complete history of Jack Sparrow. These stories delve much deeper into the mysteries of the sea and constantly bring in heavy fantasy elements. The first novel brings back the Aztecs like the first film and Jack begins his quest for Hernán Cortés’ magic sword.

4 The wheel of time

The cover of the third Wheel of Time novel, The Dragon Reborn.

The wheel of time by Robert Jordan is actually set in his world around the same time as the Golden Age of Piracy. Although he’s such an important character in high fantasy, it’s not a medieval world; it’s actually supposed to be 17th century with a few key differences.

However, this is not what should be of most interest A play necessarily fans. What’s so grand about this fantasy tale is its flawless world-building and storytelling, which would make this fantasy book series an incredible video game. To be such a long series (and A play fans know), it keeps its pace well and constantly evolves its world in new and interesting ways. For any modern fantasy novel, this is the perfect series to remember for A play Fans.

3 The Odyssey

The cover of the novel Odyssey.

The Odysseywritten by Homer, is a sequel to the illiad. However, the Illiad is not really essential reading to understand and appreciate this novel. This is an old epic poem written in ancient Greece, but it still remains today one of the most fascinating maritime adventures of all time.

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Odysseus, the main character, crosses the Mediterranean Sea after the Trojan War as he returns to his wife. On his way, he fights many monsters with strength or intelligence. Giving the perspective of his wife and suitors makes the story of Odysseus and the vengeance he brings upon his return home that much more satisfying.

2 About Stranger Tides

The cover of the novel On Stranger Tides.

About Stranger Tides by Tim Powers is probably the best fantasy pirate novel ever written. Many fans may have heard this name and associated it with the Pirates of the Caribbean‘s fourth movie, though it’s still wildly different from the book in many ways.

About Stranger Tides is one of the most important pirate novels to date and features tons of fun fantasy ideas such as mermaids and voodoo. The twist of dark magic and evil pirates helps make this an intense novel with twists of horror and suspense. And yes, just like the movie, Blackbeard, a real pirate who inspired a A play character, desires the Fountain of Youth for immortality.

1 treasure island

The cover of Barnes and Noble's special novel, Treasure Island.

No one can talk about pirate novels and not include treasure island, written by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is the most important pirate novel in history that helped romanticize pirates and establish many of their ongoing tropes.

Jim Hawkins, the main protagonist, and the pirate Captain Long John Silver are among the most interesting and colorful characters. History constantly twists and pirates search for the ultimate goal of buried treasure. It’s the perfect pirate tale that any A play fan will love it.

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