Peter Obi lied about Italian poet Dante Alighieri -By Bayo Onanuga


Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi can’t stop bombarding his army of Obidients with lies and mistakes. On Thursday, he attributed a famous quote to Italian poet, writer and philosopher Dante Alighieri. According to Obi, Dante once wrote, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

A Google check showed that the quote was misassigned. Dante never wrote this, although past users have all wrongly credited him.

President John F. Kennedy attributed the remark to Dante. American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. also made the attribution to Dante. But according to several authorities online, they were all wrong.

Quote Investigator believes that the statement “evolved in a multi-step process from a changing and flawed interpretation of Dante’s work. In 1915, Theodore Roosevelt accurately wrote that Dante had “reserved a special place of infamy” for neutral angels. In 1917, a religious speaker named WM Vines erroneously claimed that Dante placed neutral individuals “in the lowest place of hell.”

“In 1944, spiritual writer Henry Powell Spring wrote a book of aphorisms that included a statement attributed to Dante that closely matched the modern quote. John F. Kennedy used the saying many times in speeches from the 1950s and later Kennedy also attributed the remark to Dante.”

I recommend searching for Quote Investigator for our education. Hello to all ObiDients and ObidiEnds!.

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