Podcast: The Higgs boson, ten years later


&ball; Physics 15, 101

CERN researchers share their personal stories of the discovery and study of the Higgs boson.



This podcast is part of a series of articles that physics journal publishes to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson. See also: Feature: The Age of Higgs Physics; Poem: Higgs boson: the visible glyph; Research News: A Particle is Born: Making the Higgs Famous; Questions and answers: The Higgs boson: a theory, an observation, a tool; and Collection: The History of Higgs Boson Observations.

In this episode of It’s physicsthe physics journal podcast, researchers from the two collaborations that discovered the Higgs boson – ATLAS and CMS – relive the announcement of the discovery in 2012. They also talk about what it’s like to work on Higgs experiments and what would still like to learn about the mass-generating particle.

podcast host Julie Gould speaks with the following guests: Joseph IncandelaUniversity of California Santa Barbara/CERN; Jon ButterworthUniversity College London/CERN; Flavia de Almeida DiasUniversity of Amsterdam/CERN; Sahal Yakoob, University of Cape Town/CERN; and Victoria MartinUniversity of Edinburgh/CERN.

Music credit: Jarabi (Passion)performed by Derek Gripper, composed by Toumani Diabate.

–Julie Gould

Julie Gould is a freelance science journalist and podcaster based in London.

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