Poem: Reflections of a Traveler on the Larapinta Trail


This week’s Poet’s Corner contribution is from traveler Courtney Mason.

Reflections of a Traveler on the Larapinta Trail

Tjoritja, West MacDonnell Ranges,
Northern Territory, Australia

As a child
my mother would give me a gold star
if I did the household chores.
Five stars could be redeemed for a prize.
It took until puberty to realize that it wasn’t
a special tradition unique to our household,
but a common bribery tactic adopted by many parents.
I learned that my friends would receive sweets and chocolate,
while I would receive Golden Books.
I felt sorry for my friends. I was lucky – candy and chocolate
are temporary.
Anyone who ever read Harry Potter as a child
will tell you that books are eternal.
I loved my Golden Book collection. crouched on
the forest green carpet in our living room,
I lined my books end to end across the room.
I would then start at the top and read my way down the line.
My love for books and book collecting has never wavered since.
I never considered writing as a way
and pursued a career in civil engineering. The rigid, logical,
mathematical world of construction turned out to be the ideal, unexpected
environment to encourage me to seek a creative outlet.
Currently, I am more George RR Martin than Stephen King, because
I’m writing my first novel while traveling around the world
Australia by van, undertaking multi-day hikes
and meditate on the rugged hinterland cliffs.

Courtney Mason sometimes lives in South Australia. Educated at the Australian Science & Mathematics School, the University of South Australia and Lancaster University in the UK for degrees in civil engineering and her MBA, she is a writer, reader and licensed civil engineer with a background in mining, civil construction and the environment. . She’s currently driving around Australia in her van called Meatloaf, looking for the bunyip, free wifi and the perfect pepper pie. A bit more about Courtney can be found here.

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