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Michèle Saint-Yves walks towards a different light this week The poets’ corner contribution.

The Tauondi trail

Kaurna to “penetrate and pierce”
and wrote after “The Journey” by Mary Oliver.

I wake up. It is quite late.
I know –

He comes whispering under my skin, mumbling
under my tongue
dives sideways like a lorikeet at a strange angle
jumps like an electric fish caught in a net
trawling cinnabar dreams

in my marrow this morning, know it:
I must walk so as not to die.

I start: the Torrens trail as I hear a siren singing in front of the weir.
Remnants of life scatter in my wake –
muddy fish last breath, woolen hat, fast food wraps,
Adidas Athletes, Tai Chi Trials,
Ipod pedestrians, students of Santos.

Every breath beats –
to the howls of mourning of the lion kings
melancholy melee of divine monkeys
Miserable blinking of the touching giraffes.

Each step brings –
rotten branches down
blue stone cracks whose foundations are already shaking
skinks in the light of the cracking rapiers of the concrete conventions.

And then – here – another light is revealed
in the rainbow mist of the river fountain
eucalyptus leafy sun dragons
Sunshine white cockatoo picking the golden nuggets of autumn.

My heart in my hands
the spirit in the nascent wings
heavy and tired legs, on the verge of falling.

And then – listen – a new song of a different frequency
to the ordinary world
playing among the feathered boa
from the pampas by the river,
in the windy gusts of black swan wings,
in the choral colonies of cicadas.

With this new song I’m walking to this different light
not far from this world
deep, deeper, deepening inside
where the unfolding of my wings begins.

Michèle Saint-Yves writes for stage, screen and poetry, and has also directed and produced plays and short films. With short fictions and poems published in journals and anthologies, she won this year’s Friendly Street Poets Single Poet competition with her “Lament” collection, which was published and launched this week. She is completing her first novel, the novella version of which was shortlisted for the MsLexia Novella Fiction Prize 2019. Details of her extensive and varied academic qualifications can be found here.

Original and unpublished poems from readers up to 40 lines can be sent by email, with postal address, to [email protected] Submissions should appear in the body of the email, not as attachments. A book of poetry will be given to each accepted contributor.

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