Poems by five Sandwich students will be published in a new book


Year 8 Harry with his certificate and bookmark

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Poems by five Sandwich Technology School students were chosen for publication from more than 12,000 entries in a national competition.

The works of Evie, Isabella and Brooke in grade 7, Harry in grade 8 and Jemima in grade 9 have received a certificate and a bookmark and, even more excitingly, their work is going to be published in a book.

“Close your eyes. Imagine a bright, warm light shining on your face. Feel it penetrating your skin, down to your bones until you are filled with this warmth, this power. Think about what it makes you feel.

Here are some of the tips given to high school students to inspire their work for the Young Writers Empowered Poetry Contest.

The national competition was launched alongside National Poetry Day on October 7 last year.

He encouraged students to take back control of their lives, after more than a year of school closures, isolation and general disruption to their education, by using their voices to express themselves through poetry.

The theme inspired students to empower themselves, and others, through their words.


Congratulations to all the winners; here are the three poems written by Year 7 Sandwich students:

It’s all gone
by Brooke Stokes

Fire fire…
What has become of the world?
The power was in our hands
And now it’s all gone.

kill, kill, kill,
Everyone has heard
We had the chance, the empowerment
And now it’s all gone.

Care, care, care,
That’s what we all should have done,
The power was in our clutch,
And now it’s all gone.

We should have listened,
When we had the chance,
Yet we ignored all the warnings,
And now it’s all gone.

We had the authorization,
All the power was in our hands,
Our world is getting sicker with our greed,
And now it’s all gone.

Autonomous people
by Isabelle Swaine

Equal rights are within reach,
Mothers are motivating, powerful and beautiful: respect,
Practice your smile, it opens up more than a mile.
Plastic-free oceans wouldn’t be fantastic!
Walk away from war, instead empower the poor.
Engage and encourage everyone to practice kindness in every way and every day.
Respect each other and respond with positivity within all of our communities.

The wind sees everything
by Evie Bradford Jones

The wind sees everything
All animals, including bees, the ones you see
Will all be gone because of the rising seas
‘Cause I’m the wind making a light breeze
Seeing this breaks my heart
All the animals disappear, big and small,
As their homes turn into shops and malls
The trees, I see them being murdered with big machines
All I see is endangered species
What will you do?
It’s not cool.
Remember that the wind… sees everything.

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