Poems: Montage I and II


This week’s Poet’s Corner includes a pair of poems by Anthony Camm.

Assembly I

When you drew me
to be seen through your eyes
born from your hand
was to love me for the first time.

now separated
yet we stay
in your sketchbooks
the arbiter of memory
cloistered and compressed
every page turned
a fragile excavation…

Assembly II

You often walked alone
to calm your mind
but on saturday
we walked together
around the lake.
One day we walked
somewhere different:

under a highway
through a broken hill –
you wanted to show me
where the wallabies graze,
we traced a shallow stream
and found a verdant enclave
sleepy eucalyptus
and divaridic desire
the nimbus of proximity
keep us together and apart.

The path led to a concrete drain;
impulsive steps, slips,
our intrepidity punished;
the pain flowed through you,
I pulled you away from the accident…

To the hospital:
Is it okay if I touch you?
Yes, I am fine.

At that time, we were indivisible…

Anthony Camm lives in Ballarat. A graduate in social sciences from La Trobe University and a graduate and post-graduate in art history and art curator from the University of Melbourne, he pursued a career in the arts and culture sector. He is currently director of Eureka Center, on the historical site of the Eureka Stockade, before which he was director of the Ararat TAMA gallery for 11 years. Jmusic and songwriting have also been great personal pleasures. His writings on art have appeared in Art Monthly Australia, Eyeline and in numerous exhibition catalogues.

Readers’ original, unpublished poems up to 40 lines may be emailed, with postal address, to [email protected] Submissions should be in the body of the email, not in attachments. A book of poetry will be given to each accepted contributor.

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