Poet from Eastbourne to Chichester – “the political is always personal and the personal always political”

Claire Saponie

Open Mic organizer Barry Smith said: “Clare is a London/Berlin/Eastbourne-based writer, poet, life coach, linguist and teacher and the author of three books of poetry: Federal Gods (Palewell Press 2022), The Oranges of Revolution (Smokestack Books 2015) and Copyrighting War and other Business Sins (Olympia Publishers 2011).

“It is a pleasure to welcome him to Chichester. She is well known in the poetry community for adding her voice to causes that matter, where speaking out can make a difference in people’s lives. His work has appeared in various national and international anthologies, including The Cry of the Poor (Culture Matters 2021), The Robin Hood Book – Verse versus Austerity (Caparison Books 2012) and Emergency Verse – Poetry in Defense of the Welfare State (Caparison Books 2011). ).”

Looking forward to her visit to Chichester, Clare said: ‘My latest book Federal Gods is based on my experiences of volunteer teaching in an emergency asylum home in Berlin during the 2015-17 immigration wave. in the context of Brexit, the rise of UKIP and widespread media misinformation. In 2015, Germany opened its doors to almost a million refugees despite increasingly right-wing views expressed across the continent. People were fleeing war, persecution and corruption. And yet, many countries have turned their backs.

“Political poetry can take a little marmite ride in the literary world. But the fact is that the political is always personal and the personal always political. And when addressed aesthetically, you can bridge that gap with any subject if the goal is to create connection and dialogue. The media decides whether a crisis exists or disappears from the world stage. He selects, and the public follows. Ask yourself why Ukrainian asylum seekers receive a very different welcome than Syrians fleeing the civil war, and you might find the answer somewhat uncomfortable. Federal Gods documents a series of immigration stories, interactions and personal anecdotes in poetic form, our lives intricately intertwined precisely because we are all human beings with the same basic needs and desires – and because the History repeats itself endlessly unless we learn from our mistakes.

Barry added: “After Clare’s readings, local poets will have the chance to share the spotlight by reading their own new poems. We are constantly enchanted by the variety and quality of writing presented at the open mic. And our audiences are always supportive, so newcomers can be sure of a warm response. It all adds up to an uplifting evening, bringing great new poetry to the city.

Open Mic Poetry, Wednesday October 26, 7:30 p.m., New Park Centre, Chichester, PO19 7XY. £5 on the door. www.chichesterpoetry.simplesite.com


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