Poetry pop-up Sunday at the Carré d’Or


To celebrate emancipation season, the Meet Me in the Golden Square: Poetry Pop-Up and Spoken Word Explosion is happening this Sunday for free.

On the theme of “Earth Day Edition” organizer and highly respected poet, Winston Farrell said the targeted theme is “Earth is our home, so what are we going to do about it?” »

The theme he said arose from the global conversation between activists and policy makers regarding climate change and concerns about endangered earth.

“This month’s theme is part of a global movement of poets highlighting the plight of this place we call home.

“The global poetic movement organizes activities that celebrate and help its audience understand what is happening in the world. This is an opportunity to shed light on the state of the world regarding the climate crisis, wars, etc. “, did he declare.

Farrell added that this special poetic lime pop-up was born because during the pandemic he was producing work and simply wanted an outlet to share his lyrical treasures.

“The whole idea behind this activity started with me wanting to share my poetry coming out of the COVID-19 environment and lockdowns. I wanted the opportunity to read and perform my poetry in front of an audience and I thought of the park – that when it opened it would be a great opportunity to Golden Square,” he said.

He added that in the same way that Clement Payne took the opportunity to enlighten the poor and the working class by giving them information and highlighting their plight, he wanted to do the same.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to continue that legacy – meeting people in golden square – share their poetry and enlighten and entertain them,” he added.

Farrell said he wanted the opportunity to be not only for him to share his work, but also for other young spoken word artists.

“We want people to come to the park and stay for the poetry session. We believe poetry could be one of those instruments to not only entertain but to give them an understanding of the world around them as we seek social justice so they can have a little more respect for the land. “, he added.

Poetry pop-ups that are free to the public are Farrell’s contribution to the arts as a way to help poets network and get their work to consumers.

“We try to make them all special each month with individual structure and themes,” he added.

Farrell also mentioned The Talking Heroes Collection (THC) which launched on Youtube and is a collection of eight audio poems that reflect and celebrate unsung heroes.

It features Dawning as a tribute to Farrell’s grandmother, Walls which is based on a popular theater play, another poem features the Barbados Land Vessel and other poems are dedicated to the Rastafarian movement. (pretty safe media)

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