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A welcoming audience gathered at the Yountville Community Center on July 16 to hear Sasha Paulsen talk about her new book “Where Time Begins.” His imaginative novel immediately draws the reader in. We were captivated by the characters and the gripping story. Faces and spirits were present with every question and answer.

Poet Tony Allegra’s poem illustrates the presence of the public.

“Where Time Begins” opens with these lines: “There is an island in the Kingdom of Tonga that has risen twice above the surface of the ocean and sunk twice below. I I know there are many explanations for this. , but here’s the one I love: he changed his mind.”

People also read…

A few poets came up with lines reflecting Sasha’s imaginative opening paragraph.

Lance Burris read this poem to Sasha:

We say the Kingdom of Tonga,

Ruler of these Pacific islands

Helped by a Chinese businessman

In a thousand dollar silk suit

Passports sold to Hong King refugees

For sixty thousand dollars each

As the departure of the British approaches

Allow holder to travel

To distant foreign lands

With the exception of Tonga

To which the passport did not apply

“Where Time Begins” combines mystery, romance and comedy, set in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific.

Author Kathleen Reynolds says of Sasha’s main character, Shelley, “She falls into mystery and love in a delicious, fast-paced journey written with a sure hand and a wild imagination.”

John Petraglia wrote a short poem about its poetic character:

Jim McDonald so personally wrote a verse tale about the Tonga Islands.

Lost in a wave-beaten cave

As the island rises and falls

I will rise above the swell

Peggy Prescott prepared a short poem from Sasha’s own words. “Maybe he saw another island full of noisy things, rushing around, digging holes and chopping down trees.”

the noise, the endless race

The protagonist, Shelley Ilillouette, writes of the island: “I could imagine it, a little new world, making its way to the surface, looking at all that water and wondering what to do next.”

I also imagined an island and had to write this haiku:

where you and you and you stay

I’m reading “Where Time Begins” as I write this article. I agree with author Georgeanne Brennan, who wrote in a review, “Sasha Paulsen is a conjurer of magical places.”

Good reading. Sasha Paulsen’s “Where Time Begins” can be ordered at Napa Bookmine and Copperfield’s, as well as Amazon.com.

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Marianne Lyon is Napa County Poet Laureate.

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