Raven M. Brown’s new book ‘As the World Is Seen through the Eyes of the Raven, Hear Her Cry’ is a collection of powerful poems created to bring enlightenment to people


Raven M. Brown, a talented woman from California, has finished her new book “As the World Is Seen through the Eyes of the Raven, Hear Her Cry: A Book of Inspirational Poetry”: a transformative read that aims to raise awareness and encourage people to seek the truth. The author also hopes that his poetry will inspire people to make a deep and active connection with the Creator.

Brown recounts: “As children, we searched for four-leaf clovers and wore a key chain with a rabbit’s foot because we were told they brought good luck. We were told not to cut the pole or step on them. crack in the sidewalk. We put our teeth under our pillow for the tooth fairy to leave some money. We got the Easter eggs from the Easter bunny. We tried to stay awake in the hope of see Santa Claus. We blew out candles and made a wish without thinking about who we were wishing or who fulfills the wishes. Instead of telling ourselves that we were created in the image of God, just below the angels and that we were given dominion over the earth, we were told that after we died we could be reincarnated and come back as one of the very things over which we were given dominion.These tales and exaggerations seem harmless because as we mature and grow, but I v them to address the deliberate and calculated lies and errors that harm our well-being and our eternal soul. Pandemic is a word people are familiar with, but not its biblical synonym of plague. Also, when God sends a famine, man will call it a food shortage, so you must learn to discern and observe with your insight and not with your sight so that you can walk by faith and not by sight. God sent plagues/pestilence for judgment, warning and correction as a result of sin. On Bible days, the leader held a solemn assembly of fasting and prayer, where they repented and asked God for forgiveness. Many are eager to return to a “normality” that was spiritually abnormal to God. We live in a world where people are more interested in human concepts than the precepts of God, in predictions than prophecies, in religion than in a relationship, in luck than in blessings, in remaining a victim than to become an overcomer, more concerned with the unvaccinated than the unsaved, religious principles than the commandments of God, in seminaries than in sermons, and warning us rather that Santa Claus is coming to town than Jesus only comes back, talking about global warming only about the coldness we have towards each other, and about climate change only about changing the climate of racial tension and discord. People think that when you die, that’s it. But there is what people call ‘life after death’, which I call ‘life after the flesh.’ Don’t just plan for a future that isn’t promised, but for your eternity that is. I hope my spiritual journey and insight covered in this book as well as my book, The Bible Will Be My Handbook, will help you discover the truth. Seek and you will find and be set free. I hope that as you read, you will experience a spiritual growth spurt like I did.

Published by Page Publishing, the contemplative poetry of Raven M. Brown sheds light on important facts that people have forgotten.

Behind every lie hides the truth, it’s time to find out.

Readers wishing to experience this enlightening tome can purchase “As the World Is Seen through the Eyes of the Raven, Hear Her Cry” in bookstores worldwide or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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