Renowned artist, Pdm. Krishn Kanhai organizes his first art exhibition in Mumbai


Mumbai (Maharashtra): Art is not just for art lovers but for everyone as colors do not discriminate between those who are good at giving shape to art. Therefore, humans have a knack for giving flair to everything they do. From architecture to poetry to portraits and more. Padmashri Krishn Kanhai is one of those art curators who for 46 years has protected the legacy handed down to him by his father. He painted nearly 5,000 paintings throughout his career. Now introducing his work to the people of Mumbai, Krishn Kanhai Ji has held his art exhibition at the famous ISKCON temple, Mumbai.

Hosted by fashion designer and politician Shaina NC and the Tao Foundation, the opening event was graced by renowned names from the worlds of politics and entertainment. While actor Shilpa Shetty and Rajesh Sharma, founder of Capri Global Capital Limited inaugurated the event, some big names such as politician and son of Eknath Shinde, Shrikant Shinde, Chandrashekhar Bawankule and many other personalities made know their presence.

In an exclusive interview with City First, Shaina NC revealed that the idea for the exhibit was to show spirituality and art together. Kanhai Ji said, “The main subject of my paintings is Krishna. I painted several portraits. One of them is in parliament, another in the assembly of the UP. A painting is also attributed to the museum of the “Statue of Unity”. Although I had such good opportunities to paint huge personalities, my main subject is to paint Lord Krishna and his stories.

“Whenever an artist makes a painting, his main objective is to show this work to the world. The life story of Lord Krishna is such that it attracts everyone to him. He has beauty, melody, colors and much more. I also tried to depict something similar and tried to bring different emotions and colors to life on the canvas,” he added.

Kanhai Ji revealed that he doesn’t like to stick to one art form. Although the subject of his paintings is mainly Lord Krishna, the way he paints him is always different. “Before sleeping at night, I always think about how to make my next painting more unique. Of course, I have to do a lot of research when I approach a new type of painting form. Mumbai, all I wanted was to give the people of Mumbai something different.

Padmashri Krishn Kanhai Exhibit at ISKCON Temple Opens Until 6e November 2022. A portion of the proceeds from the expo will be donated to the ISKCON temple.

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