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A local author has just published not one but three new books of poetry, which she hopes will lift people’s spirits in these troubled times.
The three books of poetry by Lisa Lachapelle of Sarnia include: This is The Story of Kryptonite Rose, a 25-page ballad; Poems on Love, Poems II, a reflection on the multiple types of love; and Of Light and Sounds Poem III, a collection of 50 far-reaching poems.

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Lachapelle, who published her first novel – Little Tales and Visits to Paradise – more than 10 years ago, said she had always been a passionate writer and artist, but had recently found more time to pursue his passion.

“I’ve always liked to write,” she says. “I never thought of it as a real career. I’ve been a visual artist since I was a kid, but I was writing stories. I’ve been an employment counsellor. I’ve worked for the government for years, but after the recession, the government closed all these programs.

“After that, I spent nine years (learning) meditation, practicing it every day,” Lachapelle continued. “What I wanted to do was capture those experiences through my work. I kept a diary, I wrote short stories…and after I had a whole collection of writings and notes, I decided to spread them all out, put them together like puzzle pieces and create stories like that.
Lachapelle said she explored a variety of ideas and themes in her new poetry books, which are available for purchase on Amazon.

“My book on love is about familial love, unrequited love, romantic love, all of it…because love is truly a gift to the human experience,” said she declared. “(Of Light and Sounds) contains 50 poems, some of them spiritual and some of them not.
“And for This is The Story of Kryptonite Rose, I wanted to put a story in ballad form, so it’s a real 25-page poem that tells a story.

Although the topic may be different, the poems in the three books will go a long way in reassuring people, Lachapelle added, helping them discover beauty.

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“(Readers) will find beautiful words that tell a story, they’ll read something that touches them emotionally or makes them feel a little passionate,” she said. “Poetry has a beautiful impact on the mind and if people can take a few minutes each day to enjoy the beauty of their lives, that is so important, especially in the world we live in today where there is has so much stress, so much drama and so many things are so unnecessary.
“The arts and spirituality go hand in hand, so if people have time to reflect on something meaningful, it will relieve them, make them forget things.”

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