Scottish football solidarity with Ukraine


Scotland players train ahead of Wednesday’s World Cup play-offs

An application for the unique history of Scottish football to receive Unesco World Heritage site status has been stepped up with three poets named to tell its rich history.

And a special poem will be launched ahead of Scotland’s World Cup play-offs in Hampden to show solidarity with Ukraine.
It is written by Stuart Kenny, one of three poets nominated by The Hampden Collection, which leads the Unesco bid, to capture the stories and feelings of Scotland Soccer the story. Besides Julie McNeill, Chief Poet, Mr. Kenny and Susi Briggs were also nominated.

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Graeme Brown of The Hampden Collection said: “Our global home of football poetry has over 100 poems in the collection so far and is a fantastic way to engage fans of the beautiful game across the spectrum of football. soccer.
“More than One side is Stuart Kenny’s first poem for us in his new role and the lyrics are very poignant. While we might be two sides, the poem speaks while we might be rivals, we welcome them with open arms. A line says we are all blue and yellow and we stand together and the poem shows solidarity.

HeraldScotland: Hampden Bowling Club – the site of the first Hampden Park

HeraldScotland: Hampden Bowling Club – the site of the first Hampden Park

Hampden Bowling Club – the site of the first Hampden Park
Last year, Football’s Square Mile, the world’s largest outdoor football museum, was opened following the discovery of the foundations of the world’s first purpose-built enclosed international football ground – 1st Hampden Park.

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Now those behind the decision want to bid for Unesco status and coincide with the 150th anniversary of the first international football match, held west of Scotland Cricket Ground at Partick, Glasgow, on St Andrew’s Day, 1872.
The idea behind Poets-in-Residence is to help interact with fans who are also encouraged to submit their own poems.
Mr Brown added: ‘All the poems that have been written so far can be found on our website and we encourage submissions throughout the year. We’d love to hear fans talk about their memories or experiences through poetry.
Julie McNeill, Chief Poet of the Hampden Collection, was delighted to be joined by leading Scottish poets to join the team.
Ms McNeill said: “The global house of football poetry has gone from strength to strength, bringing together voices from across Scotland and around the world to celebrate the past, present and future of the beautiful game. Julie warmly welcomes Stuart Kenny and Susi Briggs to complete the “Poetic Front Three”.

HeraldScotland: Scotland take on Ukraine at Hampden Park

HeraldScotland: Scotland take on Ukraine at Hampden Park

Scotland take on Ukraine at Hampden Park
Poet, creative writer, football fan and journalist Stuart Kenny took on the role of Makar from Primo Poetica which showcases the cultural heritage and passion for football from all walks of life.
Mr. Kenny said: “It is an absolute pleasure to join The Hampden Collection as Makar of the Primo Poetica Collection. My love of football is as much about the culture – the passion, the stadiums, the rivalries, the club and the national legends – as the game itself, and a lot of that comes from the history of the game. arguably no place more important to the history of sport than Football’s Square Mile in Glasgow. I look forward to immersing myself in this story and encouraging and writing poetry that captures this visceral love for the game.”
Susi Briggs joins the team as Wean’s Makar and is an award-winning author, storyteller and musician, advocating and promoting awareness and literacy of the Scottish language. She writes songs, poetry, stories and picture books.

Ms Briggs said: “This project is not just about the beautiful game, but about the people, community, stories and heritage that surround it. I am delighted to help raise awareness and encourage young people to engage with what is an incredibly important heritage site. »
Ms McNeill, who also runs the Scottish Women’s National Team Poets Society, said The Hampden Collection celebrates football and poetry in all languages, through voices from Scotland and beyond.
“We are proud of the origin story of this beautiful game, and as founders of Football’s Square Mile and our UNESCO World Heritage campaign, the Hampden Collection helps Scotland take its rightful place. returns as the birthplace of world football.I am delighted to welcome Scotland’s leading poets Susi and Stuart to the Hampden Collection team, and delighted to see the poetry collections grow and prosper under their stewardship.

HeraldScotland: Ged O'Brien at Hampden Bowling Club venue last year

HeraldScotland: Ged O’Brien at Hampden Bowling Club venue last year

Ged O’Brien on the grounds of Hampden Bowling Club last year
Last year, Archeology Scotland uncovered the foundation stones of the original Hampden Pavilion, beer bottles, pipes and clay teacups from the period, and metal fencing, which encompassed the grounds of origin of the Hampden Bowling Club. There are now plans to dig later this month and another nearby site linked to Scottish football heritage.

If you would like to be part of the Hampden Collection Poetry Collection, go to

More Than One Side, by Stuart Kenny

Blue on the jerseys, on the supporters, on the stands;
and yellow on the badge, on the kits, on the flags.

We, made of flesh and fingers and hands
with hearts wrapped in football
and hopelessly caught up in the colors of our land.

We are all here made up of the same things:

of fanciful dreams and passion and corner kicks;
jobs and daydreams and mortar and bricks;
of community and history and hope and heroism
and fear and family and faith and football.

But now we can only watch and admire your strength.

Everything we are is only an essential part of us; a side.

And we, who have so much in common
and who love and cry and dream every night.

The worst thing that could have happened happened to you,
warrior nation – and you have our solidarity in your fight.

This game has us rivals, but we welcome you with open arms
today and tomorrow and really for as long as it takes.

So yeah, we’re gonna cheer on our bonnie boys, and
our rampant lion wrapped in yellow, surrounded by blue.
But make no mistake, we are on your side.

Everything we are is only an essential part of us; a side

But there are so many things in common that make us all up.

Today we are all blue and yellow and stand tall.

Today we are family and faith and football.

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