Self-taught poet Faure recognized abroad


Acclaimed poet Farah Diba Pastor.

A poet born and raised in Kramat, Faure is savoring the dozens of poetry accolades she has racked up – 200 over an 18-month period – and is now motivated towards other accomplishments like publishing a collection of her works and eventually producing a children’s book. of verse.

Farah Diba Pastor, named the 2021 Passion for Poetry Year winner, writes thought-provoking poems on a variety of topics, their focus mostly on everyday life situations that people from all walks of life can relate to, some of among themselves controversial. These include fairy tales and family life, although she is not shy about addressing topics such as gender-based violence (GBV), domestic violence and abuse of women and children.

One of his poems, titled break the silencewas previously featured in a domestic violence video by DEFY (Domestic Abuse Family Services) in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The 51-year-old pastor has seven sisters and four brothers, attended Oklahoma Street Elementary School and Macassar High School, and studied at the College of Cape Town.

She worked as an architect at JLB Lombaard Daniels Ngalimane in Woodstock for 22 years.

When asked how she got into writing poetry, Pastor said in 2014 that her then seven-year-old son had to write a short poem about winter, which was quite difficult for him. .

“I wrote a short poem in his name, followed by four others. I only rewrote in July last year, when some of my friends encouraged me to participate in international poetry competitions on social media, especially when a theme is proposed and a 24-hour submission deadline must be respected.

She began to see what had started as a fun exercise through new eyes after feedback received from people who had read her poems.

Pastor now belongs to four international poetry groups and collectively his accolades include rhodium, platinum, diamond, gold, silver and bronze awards.

“I never do things for a monetary reward,” she explained. “I work in a highly competitive industry, so my job is under high pressure. Writing poetry helps me relax; it is a form of debriefing after reading and hearing about the horrific and senseless acts of violence that occur every day.

Pastor also develops a preference for certain topics, especially those that are well received, a sense of what resonates or works, or doesn’t.

“The light-hearted poems are humorous and hopefully invoke happiness in the reader. The more serious ones highlight the social ills experienced daily by our communities and are instructive, as there are many myths and misconceptions about GBV, rape and other forms of abuse.I also use the poems to raise awareness and raise the awareness of those who read them.

Although she writes on serious topics, she makes sure the poems are easy to read and can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

“The comments already received from people who have had the opportunity to read them are positive. My poetry must be widely disseminated if I am to have a meaningful impact on raising awareness of social ills. I would like to compile a poetry book and also write a children’s book that teaches children about their rights and responsibilities in a fun way. »

The pastor implored parents to encourage their children to read more. “Too many children struggle in school because they are unable to read at an appropriate level. To budding young poets, I say: keep persevering and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. As a famous person once said, “The only person who doesn’t make mistakes is the one who never does anything.”

Pastor’s work can be found on the Mckinley Publishing Center (“All I Want For Christmas”, “Love You To The Moon And Back”, “Mother’s Embrace”, “Rainbows & daydreams” and Sweetycat Press: (“Beautiful – In the eye of the beholder”) and other sites.

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