Sidiswa Busuku-Mathese writes his own way for 16 days of activism


The poet Sindiswa Busuku-Mathese. (Photo courtesy of the writer)

Each year on November 25, South Africans begin 16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women and Children. As the call to “be an activist” is launched, we turn to poetry as a unique and powerful tool for transformation. The Avbob Poetry Project aligns with this initiative by featuring award-winning writer Sidiswa Busuku, who is committed to caring about the ethics of writing about trauma. His perspectives offer valuable information and encouragement to survivors who need to express their own experiences.

Sidiswa Busuku is an award-winning writer whose Laugh loud and yellowr (Botsotso, 2016) won the Ingrid Jonker Prize 2018 for her debut in poetry. This fascinating and groundbreaking text examines violence against women, including psychological and financial injuries. It is a naked, courageous and open-hearted text that addresses human angst and alienation in a cross-collage of photographs, lists, fragments of documents, prose and poetry. It is a powerful text that speaks of suffering, survival and the transformative power of witnessing through writing.

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