Sir David Attenborough and the Queen write to the Isle of Wight poet


A FORMER Ryde businessman has written a poem so moving it has received responses from Sir David Attenborough and the Queen.

Peter Woodnutt, from Ryde, wrote the poem Saving Gaia in September 2021.

He sent his poem to a number of famous faces, and among those who responded were Sir David Attenborough, Prince Charles, Prince William and the Queen.

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Peter Woodnut.

Isle of Wight County Press: Response from Sir David Attenborough.Response from Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David was the first to respond to Peter, within three days, and his response was handwritten.

Registered blind and dyslexic, Peter has been supported by the charity Sight for Wight for several years.

He began to lose his sight around the age of 60, which forced him to give up his favorite hobby.

“I’ve been doing photography all my life,” Peter said.

“But as my macular degeneration got worse, it got harder and harder, and I eventually gave up.”

The 81-year-old ran Woodnutt’s in Union Street, Ryde, until 2007 when he retired and went to look after his sister in Seaview.

“My sister had terrible sciatica and was bedridden for three weeks,” Peter said.

“She was looking after her husband, who had Parkinson’s disease. I dropped everything and went to Seaview to look after her. She got better, but what started in three weeks ended in five years, and my sister had a computer that she didn’t use.”

Isle of Wight County Press: Peter Woodnutt with his poem, Saving Gaia.

He said: “I had never had a computer before – never had one in the store, never needed one. I started writing a few songs and that’s how it was. it started.

“I used to write things down before, but never seriously, because I’m dyslexic. Thank goodness the spell checker! When I was young, dyslexia wasn’t recognized.

“But I’ve always been empathetic and I dig deep for some of the poems that come out.

“Getting a handwritten response from Sir David Attenborough was a very good idea.

“People don’t realize we have a ten-year window to get it right.

“After that, it will be irreversible; global warming.”

Peter has written over 60 poems over the past ten years and plans to publish a book of poetry.

Her poem, Silent Love, also features in the recently published book, Out On An Island, which explores the hidden LGBTQ+ history of the Isle of Wight.

The book features real-life stories from 17 LGBTQ+ people who shared honest and intimate stories.

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Save Gaia

Ignorance, a blessed complacency,
Would man ignore every warning?
As by its use of fossil fuels,
It has aggravated global warming.

Every voice of a skeptical Thomas,
The claimed predictions were lies.
Natural disasters are acts of God,
Experts attributing them otherwise.

Irrefutable and global evidence,
The temperature of the ocean is rising.
Fuel stronger hurricanes,
Every glacier in the world is melting.

Lightning will ignite the dry forest,
Must decimate large tracts of land.
To release Co2 into our atmosphere,
Similarly, CFCs have been banned for a long time.

Fossil fuels producing energy,
Would be eliminated one by one.
We will use wind or solar energy,
For supplying the national grid from the sun.

Nations must heed every warning,
In ten years, it will be too late.
If our climate becomes more hostile,
This could force humanity to relocate.

Gaïa, a sapphire suspended in space,
The man sorts his jewelry in a mine.
Ethics must govern everything we do,
For Gaia is in our care forever.

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