Suzannah Pettigrew’s poems find beauty in solitude


I was really trying to capture those experiences and new spaces that I was occupying,” she says. It’s definitely a big part of my practice now. The writing has always been – it’s just slightly changed in form. But why poetry? Pettigrew sees it as an alternative to performance art. I would much rather write and read poetry than do a performance of what I have written. I don’t necessarily pronounce my words in this traditional way,” she says.

A dominant theme in the book is escapism. Like lines like I put two pieces of bubble mint in my mouth waiting for the 6» transition to I thought of your hands on my neckremind you of those lonely moments when quick thoughts take over. Personally, I didn’t feel anchored in London at all and I was really looking for something. I didn’t quite know what it was,” she said. I knew I wanted to leave and try something different. I knew a few people there, but eventually I left alone without a job and figured it out for a year. Even though it was quite difficult at times, I made some amazing friends and had some truly amazing times.

Now Britons no longer have the luxury of moving from one city to another in the EU – with Brexit, young people can no longer pack their bags and start over like we once could. I really feel for anyone who would like to change things up a bit,” she said. It’s much, much harder now.

Now that she calls London home again, the city’s multicultural fondue gives her endless inspiration, whether through her community of friends, the shops on the high street where she picks up everyday essentials or the restaurants where she eats on weekends. That’s why London is so great, because it’s such a multicultural place. That’s why it’s so special and brilliant,” she says. I hate that it’s getting harder and harder for anyone who isn’t British to live here and experience London.

A Sphinx in search of a poet feeds on this desire to tidy everything up and escape madness. Here, Pettigrew is literally an open book, sharing his innermost thoughts. The way I connect with people is through intimate relationships,” she says. Where I find the most connections are people who are able to put their vulnerability into words.

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