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Never say that the Tedeschi Trucks Band lacks ambition.

The group, formed in 2010 by husband and wife Susan Tedeschi, has released four previous solo albums and won a Grammy and eight Blues Music Awards. But his latest project, “I Am the Moon,” makes it all look like a warm-up.

Based on an ancient Persian poem “Layla & Majnun” – which also inspired Derek & the Dominos’ famous album “Layla” – “I Am the Moon” is a four-part album series, spanning two dozen songs. The first volume, “Crescent”, was released on June 3, with the others following monthly. Each is accompanied by a film released three days before the music. It’s a massive undertaking that nods to the great traditions of classic rock – part of guitarist Trucks’ lineage as a former member of the Allman Brothers Band (which his late uncle, Butch Trucks, co-founded) and Eric Clapton’s band.

The TTB even released a concert album “Layla Revisited (Live at Lockin’)”, in 2021.

“I Am the Moon gave the band lots of new material for their Wheels of Soul tour this summer, and Trucks promises a friendly collision of the new and the familiar on every show…

  • As well as making an album during the pandemic lockdown, the TTB hosted a series of streaming gigs that kept the band engaged with fans until gigs returned last year. “At the start of the lockdown, we decided we were going to do everything we could to keep the group and the team and everyone supported and to keep this thing as tight as possible,” Trucks, 43, says per phone from the couple’s home in Georgia. . “We’re planning a lot, but nobody’s planning a ton of work for 20 months in the middle of your life and career. So we stayed on that. We mixed a few records. We did this live mix of ‘Layla’. We just kind of dug into everything we could… just try to keep your brain moving. It was great to be home, but there are only so many times you can rearrange your home and living room. We have to do something creative here.
  • Trucks credits singer Mike Mattison with the idea for what became “I Am the Moon”. “He had a great idea early on to have the core of the band dig into the same source material, so we had something to chew on when we finally got together. His idea was a book or a poem or a work which was related to the group in some way. We had just finished mixing the live show “Layla” and he mentioned that he had dug into Nizami Ganjavi’s poem. he story that inspired the ‘Layla’ album was the guy in love with someone he couldn’t have, and Mike was like, ‘What did she think? What was the point of Layla’s view on it? It was light bulb moment for us. It made perfect sense for Sue and it was just a different perspective on the whole thing.
  • As the recording sessions became more prolific, Trucks and company began to realize that “I Am the Moon” probably couldn’t be released the traditional way. “When we finally took stock of everything we’d been working on, it was like, ‘This is way too much material for one record. We’re in two-hour-and-20-minute territory here. I had l “feel like no one listens to that much music. No one would ingest it and there would be a lot of really good music slipping through the cracks. So we started thinking about splitting it up into (separate) albums…and each being like an episode in history. It was fun to think creatively that way. A lot of our favorite records are 35 minutes, 32 minutes, 38 minutes, and there’s something about that length that really stuck with us. spoken. So we started the sequencing (“I Am the Moon”) with that in mind.
  • “I Am the Moon” is the band’s debut recording with three recent additions to the TTB – bassist Brandon Boone, drummer Isaac Eady and in particular Gabe Dixon, an established solo artist who replaced late original member Kofi Burbridge in 2019. “After losing Kofi,” Trucks recalls, “we had a lot of tough talks – me, Sue and the core of the band. What were we going to do, and even were we going to try and keep the same thing going. (Burbridge ) was too important a part to pretend that we could just keep riding as if nothing had happened. When Gabe had the proper reverence and respect for Kofi, and he knew Kofi, he had seen Kofi. He knew how great he was but Gabe is his own musician I think that was a saving grace for us as a band if someone had tried to come in and do what Kofi would have felt something was wrong.
  • This year also marks the 25th anniversary of The Derek Trucks Band’s debut album and the start of what has been a prolific career for the guitarist. “Yeah, it’s hard to believe. It feels like multiple lifetimes at this point. It’s hard to understand. It feels good, though. I can’t believe how much energy there is in the band after two years without work and going through such a weird time. It’s a crazy world we live in right now, but somehow it feels like our little circle is healthy, breathing and fine.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band, Los Lobos and Gabe Dixon perform at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 29 at the Fox Theater, 2211 Woodward Ave. Detroit. $29.50 and up. 313-471-7000 or 313Presents.com.

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