Teen Mom fans ‘feel so bad’ for Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter Vaeda after Tot’s secret medical crisis


TEEN Mom fans have expressed sympathy for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter after learning of a secret medical crisis.

The couple revealed that Vaeda struggled to speak clearly and feared it could be a problem with his hearing.


Teen Mom stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell revealed their daughter’s medical conditionCredit: Instagram
Vaeda, they said on Teen Mom, had trouble speaking properly


Vaeda, they said on Teen Mom, had trouble speaking properlyCredit: MTV

On Tuesday’s episode of teen mom: The next chapter, Tyler and Catelynn brought Vaeda to an ENT doctor for a checkup amid major concerns for their child.

Catelynn noted that her daughter had had several ear infections in a short period of time and was struggling to communicate effectively.

At the doctor, Vaeda had her ears checked and her parents answered questions about her current condition.

While her ears seemed clear, the medical professional noted that she would need a little help getting through the speech milestones.

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While Catelynn and Tyler had yet to enroll their daughter in early intervention, the doctor recommended it.

The couple were on the fence about speech therapy, despite their daughter’s struggles and concern.

Fans felt sympathy for the little girl and reacted online.

Many sent kind words and well wishes.

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“Hearing tests are frustrating as an adult, I can imagine how it was for Vaeda. In my case my ear tube saved me from the ear problems I had so I brag about those things lol,” one Twitter user sympathized.

“Poor Vaeda. She’s so cute. Hope she feels better,” wrote another.

A third Twitter user replied, “I feel so bad for vada. My middle kid had water in his ears, lots of ear infections, and it sucked. We did a lot of slp, but we never could get hits.”


Recently, Tyler took to social media to share a sweet poem talk about his young daughter.

He spoke of his “illuminating spirit” and “fiery spark” on Instagram.

The MTV The star shared a series of photos of Vaeda on her account and wrote alongside them, “Loud illuminating spirit / As bright as the fire inside you / Your spark is blinding to most.

“Your soul is buried in deep treasure / Your energy is like a rain of embers / Some think it’s too hot to handle / But they’re not your tribe and they’re not your people.

“Your power is magnetic to warriors / It’s not a waste of mind with
Submissive conscience & it’s far too strong / To compromise logic.

“So keep making the noise / A fiery spark of embers / The good tribe will join you in the sun / ‘Cause they’ll know what I know.”

The father-of-four continued: “It’s that your love is special /
Steadfast protection / Born of nature’s hellfire.”

He concluded, “My beautiful Vaeda Luma.

“Daddy loves you and your fiery soul and I promise to help keep it burning for as long as you let me near it! #GirlDad#BlessedByDaughters.”


Despite Tyler’s seemingly kind gesture, fans weren’t moved.

Many slammed the star, tearing up her poem as odd.

A reviewer shared the MTV alum’s poem on Reddit and wrote, “Someone pulled me out of my secondhand embarrassment bucket…

“I trip and fall in it every time I read Tyler’s poems.”

Another added: ‘He could have worse hobbies…but it’s great cringe, I agree.’

A third posted, “I so want to like this. I like it when men are sweet and sentimental. But I have to admit…the poem is a little weird for me.”


Tyler shares four daughters with his wife Catelynn – Carly, 13, Novalee, seven, Vaeda and Rya, one.

The high school sweethearts placed Carly up for adoption shortly after she was born in 2009 and documented their story on MTVis 16 and pregnant, and later Teen Mom OG.

Since the birth of their youngest daughter Rya, the couple have openly declared that they do not want any more children.

In May, Catelynn shared a silly ICT Tac video of her husband, alluding to the fact that he had a vasectomy.

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The camera first hovered over the couple’s daughter, Rya, lying on the sofa next to her father.

The lens then shifted to Tyler, who had a serious expression on his face while holding his phone.

Catelynn and Tyler worried that she couldn't hear well


Catelynn and Tyler worried that she couldn’t hear wellCredit: MTV
They took the tot to an ENT doctor who recommended speech therapy


They took the tot to an ENT doctor who recommended speech therapyCredit: MTV
Catelynn and Tyler share four children, one of whom they placed for adoption


Catelynn and Tyler share four children, one of whom they placed for adoptionCredit: Instagram/Tyler Baltierra

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