The Greek-Australian Cultural League Announces This Year’s Literay Competition


The Greek-Australian Cultural League announces this year’s literary competition. This competition is now an established annual event in the cultural and literary scene of Australia’s Greek community.

The literary competition includes works written in Greek or English, by writers residing in Australia and over the age of 18, in the following categories: poetry and short story.

With the participation of members of the community, the literary competition will be enhanced by reaching as many writers in Australia as possible and will also give members and friends the opportunity to present their unpublished works to a wider audience.

Please submit your work by Friday, June 24, 2022.

The winning entries in each category in each language will be published in issue 68, 2022 of the GACL’s annual bilingual periodical, ANTIPODES. The results of the literary competition will be announced during a special ceremony integrating the launch of the periodical Antipodes in October 2022.


  • The literary competition covers works written in Greek or English in the following categories: poetry and short stories, by writers residing in Australia and over the age of 18.
    • Participants are required to complete a registration form, which can be downloaded from the Greek-Australian Cultural League website ( and should be emailed to the address of the literary contest: [email protected]
    • The adjudication will be separate for each language.
    • Entrants may submit work in one or all categories and in one or both languages, with only one work in each category of their choice.
    • Works that do not respect the content limits, as prescribed below, will be automatically rejected and will not be forwarded to the jury.
    • Submissions with numerous grammatical and syntactical errors will be rejected.
    • Content limits: Poem 100 verses (lines); Short story 2000 words;
    • All submissions must be the original works of the authors and must not have been submitted as part of another competition or have been previously published.
    • Each submitted work must be signed by a pseudonym (pen name) and the same pseudonym must be used to sign all entries submitted by the same person.
    • Each contest entry must be sent electronically only (Word document attached) to the contest email address: [email protected] Additionally, in a separate text sent to the same e-mail address, participants are required to submit their contact details, including pseudonym, full name, address and telephone numbers, as well as the number of verses in their poems and the number of words in their short stories (the entry or application form).
    • The literary judges reserve the right to exclude an application if it considers that it contains too many syntax or spelling errors.
    • The first prize in each category and in each language will receive a commemorative certificate and a cash prize. Second and third place winners and all commendations will receive a commemorative award certificate and books.
    • In all categories and all languages, the work awarded the First Prize will be published in the latest issue of the review Antipodes, which will be launched the same day the results are announced.

*To request the Rules of the Literary Competition and the Request for Participation e-mail:

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