The Prayer Book for the Devotee of Light


The poet lives the juxtaposition. He prays for light sitting in a dark room. He writes: “The spindles are waiting to light their secret chandeliers”.

Cashews, end of January

There is an aroma when you approach them,
As the wind blows their leaves of pony earrings,
Tossing, the brown rose filled
The pins are waiting to light their
Secret chandeliers.
Among their curved thorns strewn with petals,
the Chipmunks nestle, they sing songs
Of colored rains of hazelnuts,
the joys of plumped flesh,
another secret for distant bees.
The silent breath of rising light is here,
all in sunflower,
as in the late January mist,
beauty shapes its wonders,
rivaling coral,
emerald and sapphire,
Only to offer its most beautiful treasures
secretly forged all night,
carelessly on sand and stone
as a philanthropist
Land of jewels.

Kamakhya Temple Getty Images

Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati
sacrificial birds

The first clouds in the sky
Reflects the red of last night
On the oil stone.
The morning is a sail of wind
On a sea
Of prayer.

There comes a devotee.
It comes to darken
The red on the lips
of his goddess.
A small bird,
With his beak in awe of the vast land, tightly gripped in his hand.

(Gopikrishnan Kottoor’s recent poetry appears in Best Asian Poetry, Yearbook of Indian Poetry, Acumen, Madras Courier and Converse among others. His recent awards include awards at Chandigarh Literary Society and Wingword. He runs the online poetry journal www.chipmunk.coin

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