The Rings of Power Star Didn’t Know They Were Playing Sauron When Filming Started


The Rings of Power actor Sauron didn’t know he was auditioning as the iconic villain and only found out after filming had started.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power delivered some jaw-dropping surprises in the Season 1 finale, including revealing Sauron’s identity on the show…twice. However, it seems the on-screen change wasn’t the only aspect of Sauron’s true identity, as actor Charlie Vickers has revealed he didn’t know he was playing the Dark Lord when filming. of the series started.

power rings takes place many years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and the first season ended up being an origin story for several iconic characters from Tolkien’s lore, and as the series as a whole will chart the rise of Sauron and the forging of the One Ring, it doesn’t It’s no surprise that his presence in the series is felt very early on. For Charlie Vickers, however, his initial audition and the first part of the film happened without knowing that he would be playing the iconic villain of Middle-earth. He said Weekly entertainment:


“No! I had maybe six or seven auditions, and when I got to the end of the audition process, they gave me two monologues. They gave me a Richard III monologue at the end , when he’s standing over a body and is basically being really evil. Then the other one was from Paradise Lost, Milton’s poem, and it was literally Satan. So I got an idea when I was making these speeches that the character had a kind of dark arc. [Laughs] But that’s only after our break. We filmed the first two episodes and then went on hiatus due to COVID. All this time I thought I was playing Halbrand, a human from the Southlands, which I think I was.

But then the guys sat me down right before they started filming the third episode, and they were like, “There’s more to it. You’re playing Sauron.” At that point, because of my audition gear and a few other things, I had an idea. But it was nice to have it properly confirmed.”

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The second season of Rings of Power is already filming

Although power ringsThe Season 1 finale is still being unboxed, production on the second season is already underway and with the franchise’s main cast now established, it will be a very different season to the first. A number of storylines have already been teased for the future, including the emergence of the Balrog, but the fallout from Halbrand’s deception and how Galadriel deals with it will be a central theme in the new season, as the journey to the events of The Hobbit keep on going.

However, even with the ongoing filming of the new season, that doesn’t mean the second season will be coming to Prime Video anytime soon. According to the team, there could still be a wait of two to three years for new episodes to arrive thanks to the huge amount of visual effects to complete. Whether that will be any good for the series, which has been met with heavy criticism, remains to be seen. power rings finally resumes its history in the next few years.

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