The story of the fisherman and the fish – Putin forgets…


“At the edge of the blue sea
there lived an old man and his old wife.
For three and thirty years they had lived
in a dilapidated hut made of mud”

This is the beginning of the famous poem, The story of the fisherman and the fish by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in 1833. It seems that with all the love Russians have for Pushkin, with around 300 monuments dedicated to the poet in Russia, Vladimir Putin should have known the story by heart. It’s taught in schools…and yet here we are: morality not understood, lesson not learned.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the story of a fisherman and his wife who once had everything, but because of his immeasurable and unbridled greed, they ended up with nothing.

Putin also had everything in Russia and there are loads of investigations into his corrupt wealth to prove it. If you haven’t watched yet Putin’s Palace: History of the Biggest Bribe in the World on Alexei Navalny’s YouTube channel, I urge you to do so. It already has 125 million views.

Putin really had it all. But, Putin decided that was not enough and started war after war after war annexing territories, mass killing and torturing civilians, destroying homes, schools and hospitals. The immense loss and suffering of the peoples of Moldova, Georgia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Syria, the Central African Republic and Ukraine are all the result of Putin’s deplorable greed.

But this plague stops definitively in Ukraine, Putin losing everything and, in the best case for him and his terrorist regime, judged in The Hague. All will reap the consequences of their terrorist actions. They should really give The Tale of the fisherman and a fish again, while they still have a chance.

Russian war criminals are now in serious trouble in Kherson: there is no doubt that the territory annexed by Putin only a few months ago will soon be under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces.

As we all know, “soldiers win battles, logistics win wars”. And now there is no way for Russia to organize any logistics to and from Kherson. The Ukrainian army has destroyed any means of operating effectively in Kherson. So they have been retreating for the past two weeks and Russian marauders have cleared the city in an attempt to make it totally uninhabitable.

They emptied all the hospitals, they stole all the equipment and the ambulances. They took all the city machinery and the city transport. They robbed schools, homes and private businesses of computers, equipment, cars, money, documentation and even medicine and food. They cleaned out grocery stores and pharmacies. They emptied the archives and transported them to Russia.

It doesn’t stop there; reports of Russian looting are overwhelming. They emptied all the museums and art galleries. They stole tens of thousands of works of art from galleries. All exhibits, paintings, sculptures – all loaded onto trucks and transported to Russia.

Local authorities said “this act of looting is part of the continued looting of cultural, medical and other institutions in Kherson city and Kherson oblast by the Russian occupiers after the occupation administration announced the ‘evacuation of civilians due to probable counter-attack’. -offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

And finally, to understand Putin’s madness: in addition to his orders to the Russian army to loot, steal, destroy, kill and deport as many Ukrainians as possible, by passing them through filtration camps, he also ordered to loot our cemeteries. Grigori Potemkin’s remains were stolen from a crypt in St. Catherine’s Cathedral. They are gravely ill and depraved.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about how many people are staying in Kherson at the moment. We are 100% sure that we are going to discover horrible sites there. There were tens of thousands of Ukrainian patriots demonstrating every day in early spring and we don’t know what happened to most of them under the occupation.

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We know that Putin’s assassins tortured and murdered civilians, absolutely anyone who did not support Russia. We know there are torture chambers, we know they publicly hanged women and men for their patriotism, and we know they murdered many of our fellow citizens. Not long ago Russian troops killed our dear and very talented conductor Yurii Kerpatenko. Russian killers shot him in his own house because Yurii refused to attend a concert in occupied Kherson.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how many people are still in Kherson, many of them are not evacuating because they are afraid of not going through the Russian filtration camps. A lot of people didn’t. We know that Russia has mined many buildings in Kherson and has already blown up a few in the city center, probably trying to destroy evidence of their war crimes.

Additionally, Russian terrorists have mined a massive hydroelectric dam near Kherson which they plan to blow up as they flee the city. Several experts have said that blowing up this dam would be like dropping an atomic bomb. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what these terrorists will do.

We have informants who claim to have seen several Russian soldiers disguised as civilians and hiding in the houses and apartments of deported Ukrainians. Some locals say they think if Russia is ousted from the city they will likely bomb Kherson until there is nothing left, just as they did in Mariupol, killing tens of thousands of civilians .

But right now, we just don’t know.

What we know for sure is that we are going to win. We believe in our armed forces. We will do everything possible and impossible to save our people. And we all look forward to the Russian terrorists finally being left with nothing, as their most popular fairy tale predicts. DM

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