These books make the perfect gift for Detroit lovers


Detroit has left its mark on the world in many aspects. From cars to music to sports, Detroit is known around the world for producing great talent, and the same goes for books.

As we head into colder weather and the holiday months, these books about Detroit, or by Detroit-based authors, will make great gifts, or a good read curled up in a blanket during the colder months.

“Haunted Detroit” by Nicole Beauchamp

Beauchamp is a paranormal investigator from Michigan, and since Detroit has no shortage of historic buildings, there are plenty of places to get scared in Motor City.

In “Haunted Detroit,” Beauchamp will take you through some of the city’s most haunted locations, including the Whitney Mansion, the Leland Hotel, and more.

Beauchamp said: “I would love for those with a penchant for the mysterious and the spooky to visit and support local businesses, and I want to educate people about some of the city’s more obscure stories and paranormal happenings. “

As for what’s next, Beauchamp said she hosts in-person events across the state throughout the year, including lectures, paranormal investigations, haunted walking tours and more!

“Haunted Detroit” is available on Amazon, as well as major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

“Detroit Revealed: Another Vision of the Motor City” by Leslie Cieplechowicz

Leslie Cieplechowicz was working as a Detroit EMS paramedic when she learned all about the darkest places in the city, and that’s what inspired her to write “Detroit Revealed.”

“I wanted to share these hidden gems to show how rich and vibrant the city of Detroit is and all it has to offer,” she said.

The book shows Motor City imagery that people may have never seen before or passed through without even noticing.

According to Cieplechowicz, she wants people to get excited about visiting and exploring Detroit, and “to realize that there’s more to the city than the wonderful bigger attractions.”

Next, Cieplechowicz worked on two more photography books – one about Michigan’s thumb area attractions and the other about historic sites along US-24 from Lapeer, Michigan to Peoria, Illinois.

You can buy “Detroit Revealed” on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and more.

“Colin Sent Me Detroit Edition: You probably have no idea who he is. That’s Why It’s Funny” by Colin McConnell

Colin McConnell, also known as “ColinDetroit” on social media, knows all about Motor City, and his book is perfect for people visiting and looking for things to do.

In the book, Colin includes over 120 of his favorite places in the city to discover, with the aim of helping people break down a day and make the most of it.

It breaks down spots by category and even gives readers the option to leave a review for each place they visit.

“My intention is to showcase local spots and give some exposure to places you may not have been before or haven’t been in a while,” he said.

He also recently released a children’s book titled “BEE Kind: Act of Kindness Tracker,” and he released a second edition of “Colin Sent Me” with a whole new list of spots.

You can buy the Detroit edition on Amazon or at

“Uphill: A Memoir” by Jemele Hill

Emmy-winning journalist and former SportsCenter co-host Jemele Hill is originally from Detroit, and her memoir is set to be released on October 25, 2022.

The memoir will cover Hill’s life as she talks about overcoming many things in her life and creating her own path.

“Jemele Hill’s world came crashing down when she called President Trump a ‘white supremacist’; the White House wanted her fired from ESPN, and she was inundated with death threats. But Hill had faced tougher adversaries growing up in Detroit than a tweeting president,” reads the book’s description. “Beneath the exterior of one of America’s most recognizable journalists, there was a need – a calling – to break his family’s cycle of intergenerational trauma.”

The book has great reviews with quotes from Gabrielle Union, Tamron Hall, Tarana Burke and many more.

“Uphill” will be released on October 25, 2022 and is available for purchase on the Macmillan website.

“Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World” by Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo made history in October 2019 when she became the first recorded black woman to travel to all 195 countries of the world.

Nabongo, who was raised in Detroit by Ugandan parents, shares her travel adventures on her blog, ‘The Catch Me If You Can’, and has also turned them into a book where she reveals her top 100 global adventure destinations. .

“I got my first passport when I was four or five years old. What I didn’t realize at the time was how generous life could be and that I was entrusted with the world to explore,” Nabongo said in his introduction on the book’s Amazon page.

According to her “about the author” page, you can find Nabongo tending to her plants at her home in Detroit when she’s not traveling the world.

You can buy his book on his website.

“How It Happens” by Jean Alicia Elster

“How It Happens,” published by Wayne State University Press, tells the story of Elster’s maternal grandmother, who was born in Tennessee in 1890.

It is a continuation of the storylines that began in Elster’s other two novels, “Who’s Jim Hines?” and “The Colored Car”.

“Through three successive generations of African-American women, Elster interweaves fictional adaptations of defining periods and challenges — race relations, miscegenation, sexual assault, and class divisions — in her family’s history,” reads the description of the book.

The book is available for purchase from Wayne State University Press.

“My Robot Gets Me: How Social Design Can Make New Products More Human” by Carla Diana

Carla Diana, head of 4D design at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in metro Detroit, will host the first in-person book launch for her book as part of Detroit Month of Design.

The book talks about the relationship people have with their “smart” products, and Diana “describes how new technology is allowing designers to humanize consumer products in delightfully subtle ways.”

You can read more about the book launch on Cranbrook’s website, and his book is available on Amazon.

“The First Five: A Love Letter to Teachers” by Patrick Harris II

It’s all about teachers in Patrick Harris’ memoir, ‘The First Five,’ in which he sheds light on the realities of teaching, especially those in the first five years of a teacher’s career.

At the same time, Harris II explains the changes that could be made to the educational system.

“The work we do together throughout this book and beyond will leave you feeling hopeful, empowered, and challenged. No matter where you start, know that this work is in progress. Give yourself the grace. We’re in this together, for the long haul,” reads the book’s description.

You can purchase the book through Amazon, Heinemann, and other websites.

“We Want Our Bodies Back” by Jessica Care Moore

Jessica Care Moore is the founder and CEO of Moore Black Press and has received several accolades from different organizations. The native of Detroit, who lives in a historic district, published this collection of poems in support of black women.

“This searing collection of poetry is filled with original and moving stanzas that speak to both the creative and intellectual power of black women, and express the pain, sadness and anger of those who face constant scrutiny because of their gender and of their race,” reads the book’s description. .

You can buy this book and her others on her website,

“Lavonne’s Kitchen” by Lavonne Fulton

Lavonne Fulton has been catering and providing event services in Metro Detroit for over a decade, and in Lavonne’s Kitchen she posts some of her best recipes and food photos over the years.

The subtitle of the book says it all: “Learn to cook with love”.

The book is available for purchase on the Lavonne’s Kitchen website.

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