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A new collection of poetry by Abayomi Abiru has been released, taking Amazon and poetry lovers by storm. Here, Patrick Parsons, coach, mentor and father of three, reviews the new version.

“Poetry is coming back into fashion and with a wave of talented poets, many of them from Africa, there is plenty to choose from. So I started reading This City Knows My Name, thinking that to properly review it, I needed to find out what sets it apart from the rest. Why should this one be on my bookshelf, above and beyond the others.

“The first thing that struck me was the use of grammar. It breaks the norm. A refreshing take on all lowercase makes the poems flow, dip and spin. Many are also written in the first person, which gives you the impression that the author is speaking directly to you with his messages.

“The poems are about challenges, actions, grief and memories. You begin to relax into the rhythm and mode of Abiru’s style…. then all of a sudden you come across Surviving, and the style changes completely. Longer sentences, a different use of stanzas and a grammar more in tune with other current thinking.

“The poem that takes the name of the entire book is a pinnacle of sights, smells and sensory overload of being in a city. Descriptive, emotional and one you will come back to read time and time again.

“Continuing through the book and the style at the beginning returns, which feels like returning to a comfortable place, as we then continue through a variety of shapes and sizes of writing. Some are more reminiscent of prose than the poem, but the intelligence of the content and the feeling of deep resonance are still very evident.

“Abayomi Abiru is a talented writer, there is no doubt. The collection is smart, exciting and yet maintains a very personal feeling. His passion for nature and storytelling shines through clearly, as does his knowledge of more academic subjects.

“Definitely worth buying and devoting shelf space to.”

This Town Knows My Name is available for purchase online at Amazon and other retailers.

Abaymoni is a Nigerian writer who enjoys telling stories through poetry. He holds an MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design from City University London. He is also a Certified Cybersecurity Personnel Specialist.

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