US-based Telugu woman converts Bhagavad Gita into poems


Settled in Washington DC, USA as a gynecologist four decades ago, her love for Telugu native language, literature and tradition inspired Pudipeddi Seshu Sarma to contribute to the literary field.

It is the same urge that prompted the doctor to compile the Bhagavad Gita in the version of the poems.

Starting from writing short stories, Seshu Sarma embarked on converting the Bhagavad Gita into a simpler version of poetry and thus reached the younger generation through his Telugu translation work.

The Gita has over 700 verses. Among them, Seshu Sarma has selected 250 slokas to be converted into poems and they can be read by all members of the community regardless of caste and creed. His work “Vijaya Gita” was launched recently during a literary meeting organized by Visakha Rasagna Vedika in Visakhapatnam.

Most of the poems composed in his book are useful in our daily life as they focus on personality development and self-help. “If the verses of Lord Krishna could be composed in the form of a non-detailed textbook for classes IX and X, it would certainly bring about a complete transformation among the students and their attitude,” the writer believes.

A lot of effort and dedication has gone into compiling ‘Vijaya Gita’. Setting aside long hours a day, Seshu Sarma practiced reciting the Bhagavad Gita with his friend Vijaya Lakshmi. To master the subject, she had first read the holy book in English. Later, under the tutelage of the seer of Sri Lalithambika Peetham Swamy Sampoornananda Giri, Seshu Sarma was able to bring out the Bhagavad Gita in poetic form.

Foray into the holy book in 2021, Seshu Sarma has completed Vijaya Gita which is close to his heart in one year. Soon, she intends to distribute the book for free to various sections of readers.

Earlier, Seshu Sarma won several prizes and awards in story writing and poetry composition competitions held in the United States. Some of his Telugu works which have won him recognition include ‘Agadam’, ‘Yenda Mavulu’, ‘Musuru Cheekati’, ‘Merupu Kiranam’, ‘Chiru Deepam’ and ‘Merisina Kiranam’. Earlier she also wrote a book called “Pravasaandhrula Asha Kiranam”.

A majority of his literary works revolve around the psychology of men, women and children. “Family support has been instrumental in encouraging me to focus on my passion, especially my husband, oncologist Ravi Sarma, who generously contributes to society. Inspired by him, I decided to do my part by composing the Bhagavad Gita in the form of poetry.Despite coming from a very respectable Brahmanical background, our ambition is to reach all sections of the population through our service and work, regardless of the caste, creed and religion,” she adds.

Apart from being a gynecologist and an author, Seshu Sarma also excels in various fields of art and music. As a classical dancer and Veena artist, she has also contributed significantly to the field of performing arts.

In the future, Seshu Sarma aims to translate the Patanjali Yoga Sutras into a simpler format.


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