Villagers watch the postman open the Brent Knoll Community Store in poetic style!


Brent Knoll villagers gathered to watch their postman, Tim Dean, open their new community store in a unique way Saturday (October 16).

Tim Dean, who was Brent Knoll’s “postman” for many years, was unanimously chosen to open the newly relocated community store in a Portakabin next to the church hall. The move was made necessary by the recent sale of the premises of the village store.

In addition to using scissors to cut a ribbon, Tim delivered his opening speech with a creative poem, as featured here. He also took his guitar to sing a song written by himself.

Since launching the community store business during the first lockdown in 2020, residents of Brent Knoll have supported the facility, with more than 140 residents becoming shareholder members and 20 people volunteering to help keep it running.

David Sturgess, secretary of Brent Knoll Community Shop, which is now a Community Benefit Society, says: Talented, he is a poet and minstrel.

Opening of the Brent Knoll store

“Tim loves his role as a postman, but we all know he has the talent to be the next ‘Adge Cutler’, with great lyric writing skills,” he added.

“From the moment we opened our ’emergency store’ we have received incredible support from our community – as shareholders, customers, volunteers and helpers,” added David.

The store is planned to eventually move into a permanent community building to be constructed in place of the current block of public toilets outside the village hall, subject to building permit and financial support. sufficient.

Opening of the Brent Knoll store Opening of the Brent Knoll store Opening of the Brent Knoll store Opening of the Brent Knoll store

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