‘We need more big hearts in the world’: Netizens praise kid who took toaster to school to serve free pop tarts


It is often said, “sharing is commitment”. And in a bid to do just that, a 13-year-old boy, however, got into trouble after showing up to school armed with a toaster. Reason? Well, he wanted to serve pop pies to his friends!

Hearing the reason, her mother couldn’t stop laughing and decided to take the story to Twitter, where it has since gone viral.

Peruvian/American author and filmmaker Elisa Stone Leahy shared the funny story of how her son’s sweet gesture didn’t really impress his teachers. According to Leahy, her son “took his backpack into the dining room, found a spot near an outlet, pulled out the toaster, put it on the seat next to him.”

He then toasted pop pies and passed them out to his friends and didn’t charge anyone. “We only had enough at home for his table,” the mum revealed, adding that his teacher had warned him not to make it a habit.

“Honestly, this toaster is out of breath. I don’t know how it survived the trip,” the mum added, also joking if she had to hide the popcorn at home.

“I bought these #PopTarts because our kitchen is being repaired and all of our meals are from the microwave and toaster right now,” the mom explained in a follow-up tweet. “I guess he saw how many we had and figured we had a lot to share!” she joked.

As the mum continued, the amusing story touched the hearts of many drawn to the fun thread as she revealed that her ‘very nice’ but ‘bit of a joker’ son is a cancer survivor. The mother shared how, he deeply rooted the sense of sharing that is unique to him.

“A few years ago, someone gave him $100 as a gift when he started cancer treatment. He asked to go buy Lego sets that he could give to other children in the hospital. 5 years later he is just as sweet and has no signs of cancer,” she wrote. “This story really captures it and I’m glad everyone is enjoying it!” she added.

As the thread got a lot of attention on the platform, she encouraged others to donate pop pies or something else to their local pantry. “We would like that! Pantries have helped our family through difficult times,” she wrote.

Sharing a link from a food bank, she says, it’s also okay if some can’t help. “If you are able please donate, if you are not please know that I understand. I have been there. It is good to be on this side too,” she added.

And as the woman was inundated with kind words and the food bank site ‘crashed’ with too many people rushing to help, she said she was grateful for the overwhelming response. She also later informed that her teacher also thought it was hilarious but didn’t want him to repeat it.

She later tweeted that the US Pop Tarts company had reached out to her to send the breakfast toaster pastries to the school and would also donate generously to the No Kid Hungry organization. “I’m crying,” added the woman moved by it all.

And as people demand to see the boy, the mum finally shared a photo of him after it went viral.

People really enjoyed the boy’s sweet prank and showered the family with lots of love, with many saying they donated to their local food bank.

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