Who was Pier Paolo Pasolini, the poet of conspiracy and justice?


Writer, poet, debater, director, painter. But also anti-68, anti-abortion, anti-modern. Pier Paolo Pasolini embodied in Twentieth century The total artist, the genius with which any initiative he decides to undertake becomes a successful operation. Whatever medium he used, his work touched on major contemporary issues with questions and provocations that still question us today. Total Artist It was also for the way he lives his life, constantly exposed to his own body, to his desire, to his very being.

Cursed PasoliniFor his time, he loved him so much but he also hated him so much. For his sexuality that in the declaration of homosexuality he never wanted to normalize, to become a family, to choose the path and the children of life as the place of his desire. For his heresy, to always be on the other side like after Julia Valley Both sides with the police against Children bourgeoisie It’s clear. With Fireflies, he laments the past in a retrograde way, evoking an ancestral world of exploitation and male power. These distortions are neither observed nor reported. exactly the opposite. Nostalgia for the world overwhelmed by what will later be called Globalization It’s too strong. So he turns his back on abortion Feminism who have never invented their reasons. Pasolini expelled from PCI Accused of debauchery, he suffered 33 trials and a hundred complaints. It’s embarrassing outside of any church. However, the one who is persecuted by the authorities for his ideas and his language is one of the fathers of the Italian conspiracy.

It is no coincidence that the last review Happens every dayAnd the “Millennium”, He devoted an article to the legal persecutions of which he was the object. Regardless of the apparent contradiction – thehome appliance Protest handcuffs handcuffs a Pasolini We clearly see the thread that connects the great writer to the justice and conspiracy theorists who are often the same thing. Of course, a clarification is immediately necessary: ​​on the one hand, we are talking about a great writer and a great thinker, and on the other, the ideological waste, devoid of talent, which in recent years has also devoured our culture and intellectuals. the country. But one cannot, after so many years, accuse the article published in November 14, 1974 At Corriere della Sera What is this coup? I know (the names): a public indictment against the political class which would have concealed those responsible for the massacres. I know the names – written down – but I have no proof. I don’t even have proof.

the declaration of justice which decides guilt by trampling on the presumption of innocence, which sends people to prison on the basis of unverified theories, which organizes summary trials in the public square on the basis of personal convictions. Yes that’s right Pasolini He was prophetic, and certainly he was talking about what the general climate of the country would be like twenty years later, thirty years after his death. The mood continues today. A year after the publication of this article, the November 2, 1975, Kill all the PasoliniIdroscal of Ostia. Guilty before the judges Benno Pelosisaid the frog, who thirty years later confessed to having fought Pasolini, in an interview with Franca Liusini To not be alone at the crime scene. Later, he will also name the so-called accomplices. But Pelosi is not talking casually. Conspiracy theories about Pasolini’s death have been nurtured for years and years. Some say he was killed for writing the article I know the namesOthers relate the mystery to the film Salò which will be released shortly after his death and of which some reels were stolen during filming.

at 1986when it is published oil, The story of his death goes further. The novel is “incomplete”, but perhaps precisely because of this “incompleteness” it is, from a stylistic and literary point of view, a real case. The part that fits into the monumental design of the work creates an element of intense contradiction: the global and epic story, the ambition to tell a whole country, through the character of the hero Carlo divided between good and evil. and that to a certain person. Point will wake up in a woman’s body. the bridle oil Every Pasolini ideology that needs to be studied, understood and examined. But there are those who wanted to see us above all the cause of his death. The critique of power in Palazzo Palace (this is its populist definition) is the cement of the work in which the events took placeI am. What if they killed him for that? What if Petrolio was linked to Hello What about the stolen reels?

In 2010, so as not to miss anything, Marcelo del Otri, He claimed to have found a missing part of the novel. New nuances, new assumptions. Instead, the only certainty is that Pasolini He was killed by one of the boys in life, and it does not diminish. It goes without saying that the legend, the poet, the great intellectual had an unclassifiable sex life, for many morally intolerable. But those who loved guesswork, definitions that breed doubt and a culture of guilt. They liked these aspects of Pasolini so much that when he died they anticipated this passion for irrationality, anti-politics and everything that does not come under the rule of law. Dear Pasolini, let us tell you, how much damage I have done!

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