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Rob Zombiethe remake of the chilling 1964 sitcom series “The Munsters“brought too much theatrics with little merit or reward, failing to pay homage to the spooky suburban family of origin.

“The Munsters”

The Zombie remake stars his wife, Sheri Moon Zombielike Lily Munster, Jeff Daniel Phillips like Herman Munster and Daniel Roebuck like The Count. Boris Karloff makes an eerie appearance as Imhotep, dressed in a tacky pharaoh Halloween costume.

Even some actors from the original series have minor roles in the film. Pat Priestwho played Marilyn Munster in the original series, voice announcer for Transylvania Airlines. Patrick Butchwho voiced Eddie Munster in the original series, voiced the Tin can man. His robotic character was designed as an homage to the robot from Eddie’s science fair project he creates with The Count, or “Pops” in the original series, for which Patrick’s robotic character is named. It’s a nice attempt but turns out corny and Patrick’s voice takes away the silly suspense of the original robot.

Another element missing from the plot is any kind of connection between the Count and Herman – instead, they are pitted against each other and the Count is the butt of many failing jokes. Herman Munster is no longer the lovable bum of the original series. He lacks his sane, silly demeanor and is instead a chaotic, very boring caricature.

Despite these glaring departures from the original, multiple outlets called it a touching love story and praised it for its various homages to the original series.

Tried and tired

This begs the question: how are these films still made? Who looks at them, and better still, gives them ovations and praise in reviews? The answer might have to do with Hollywood’s longstanding trend of remaking beloved classics for a modern era. It may be that people just want low production value movies and shows to laugh and have fun with.

Perhaps Zombie’s reputation for creepy little productions that earned him a cult following, such as his horror flick “House of 1000 corpsesThat’s why a production doesn’t need to dazzle to gain views.

The Rise of Unsatisfactory Movies

Overall, the film’s homages to the original series – Igor’s transformation into a bat, the raven clock that riffs on Poe poem and the themed closing credits after the opening of the original – fails to make up for the poor acting. The movie’s jokes don’t feel like a sitcom, and the humorous interactions between the characters are stiff and awkward. It could be the absence of the laugh tracks that run through the original.

The production looks like a raid on Spirit Halloween and wanted to get too adventurous with what they found. Maybe the movie would have been more satisfying as an original comedy about a female vampire trying to find a date instead of this monstrosity that used names and titles from the original without giving them the right execution so that “The Munsters” really nails the healthy-yet-scary vibe of the original series.

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