Why Tim Burton hated the alternate ending of Nightmare Before Christmas


The Nightmare Before Christmas almost had an alternate twist ending at Henry Selick’s suggestion, and Tim Burton was NOT okay with that.

Director Henry Selick suggested an alternate ending for The nightmare before Christmas that would have changed a lot of the movie, and Tim Burton unsurprisingly hated it. Although it is largely misunderstood that Tim Burton realized The nightmare before Christmas, the real man behind the camera was Henry Selick. Burton had originally planned to direct the film since the story was inspired by characters from a poem he wrote while working at Disney in 1982, but decided to be a producer due to previous engagements with Batman Returns (1992) and dreading the laborious and tedious process of stop-motion animation.

The nightmare before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, as he gets bored with his annual routine and falls unsuspecting into Merry Christmas Town. Jack quickly becomes obsessed with Christmas and works to transform his spooky house into the North Pole, forcibly taking over the business from Santa. The 1993 animated film ends with Jack saving Sally and Santa Claus from the game Oogie Boogie, which he defeats by pulling the string that holds him together, revealing the bogeyman to be made of dissolving bugs. quickly and disperse it into nothingness.

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According to The vacation movies that made us, Selick had an idea for an alternate ending during production and made the mistake of sharing it with Tim Burton. Selick wanted The nightmare before ChristmasThe climax of the end features the Green Mittens unraveled to reveal that Sally’s father, Dr. Finkelstein, was controlling Oogie Boogie from the inside out all the time. The Coraline the director thought the villain would be a “classic Scooby-Doo endingAnd Tim Burton strongly disagreed. Selick revealed that upon hearing his suggestion, Burton went into a dramatic rage in which he “burst into a screaming fit”And punched a hole in Disney’s wall with a boot.

Although he was not too present during the filming process, filmmaker Tim Burton still had significant creative control and influence over the style and content of the film. In the end, it was his passion project that he had been planning for a decade ago. The nightmare before Christmas actually advanced in production. Because of this, it’s clear why Tim Burton would be angry with a suggestion to change the climax of a personal movie that he had little in the way of when directing. He shouldn’t have overreacted by yelling at Selick and banging a hole in the wall hard, but a movie with “at Tim Burton”In the title should at least stick to the overall story he designed.

In addition, a “End of Scooby-Doo”Is really not the Tim Burton concert. As Burton’s filmography shows, the bad guy is the bad guy, so twisting him in the last moments of The nightmare before ChristmasThe story would almost belittle his intentions and his style. Clearly, when Tim Burton has an uncompromising take on how one of his own stories will progress, no one can change their mind. In the same episode of The vacation movies that made usTim Burton’s frequent collaborator, Caroline Thompson, recalled suggesting another adjustment at the end that Burton also took badly. Thompson told Burton that Jack and Sally’s relationship could use “another couple of beatsAt the end to feel more deserved, and Burton responded by attacking an editing machine. In the end, Tim Burton got the final he wanted and The nightmare before Christmas remains a beloved and spooky vacation classic decades later.

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