Winners Named for North Country Writers Competition


WATERTOWN, NY (WWTI) – Winners have been announced for local writing contests.

These were confirmed on May 5 at Jefferson Community College. The winners included seven students from across the North Country who submitted poetry, fiction and non-fiction pieces.

The winners of the 2022 North Country Writers Competition are listed below:

  • Poetry Winner: Michael L. Keck for “Black Creek, Croghan 1962”
  • Fiction Winner: Amanda J. Marshall for “Elaine Patterson of Solus Road”
  • Non-Fiction Winner: Emily M. Levinson for “Farming as an Act of Letting Go”
  • Honorable Mention for Poetry: James I. O’Connor for “June Hours”
  • Honorable Mention for Fiction: Patrick L. Keck for “Work Language”
  • Non-Fiction Honorable Mention: Margaret Taylor for “The Black Hair Experiment: A Crisis of Identity”

At the same event, the JCC School of Arts and Humanities also unveiled Vol Black River Review, which is a poetry, prose and fine art journal.

Outstanding contributors for Black River River this year included Malachi R. Adkins and Zeo R. Turtura for creative writing, Vatressa S. Teamoh for music, and Emma R. Corbett and Anna M. Snell for art.


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