Winston E. Malcolm Baxter’s new book ‘God Loves Cancer People Too’ is a heartfelt demonstration of God’s undying love and healing grace in times of struggle


There are millions of people, all over the world, who have been affected by one form or another of cancer. Many other family members and friends share their feelings and pray to God every day for people who have been diagnosed and are currently undergoing treatment or living in constant fear of falling back into this vicious disease.

The book shows how God can prepare an individual for a mission in this world, even when sometimes the journey can be painful and seemingly dangerous. From presumably being on top of the world with many professions, Cancer became the vehicle that brought this writer closer to God. This allowed him to find the words to spread His Holy Word in the world. Each poem in this book reminds everyone that God remains present in everything.

Malcolm Baxter shares, “A Narrative Poem,” in English and Spanish, expressing the feelings he felt while suffering from cancer as a guest at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Tampa. It expresses fear, anxiety, discomfort, sadness, happiness, hopes and faith in God during and after cancer treatment.

He recounts his astonishment at the beauty, cleanliness and comfort of the Hope Lodge. He writes of his deep appreciation and gratitude to the staff and volunteers who go above and beyond to satisfy the sick. The ironic longing for where the author spent his sick days and the desire to share his experiences with others currently going through this illness.

During his cancer treatment, the author made lasting friendships with people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. Such things helped him write about the strength and beauty of different personalities that brought him moments of great thought, joy and happiness, even amidst the pains and uncertainty of life. This shows how God is always present also, with love, during our sicknesses.

This book also features several poems showing the role of a loving family as a great source of support during times of serious illness. Once again, the author shows that the Word of God remains a clear guide for us to walk together in love. The author reveals his Christian faith and his feelings towards the churches.

The book is useful to accompany anyone with serious problems, especially those suffering from illnesses such as cancer, and others facing death, to turn to the most powerful to ask for forgiveness, mercy and help.

Published by Page Publishing, Malcolm Baxter book brings a moving journey through the adversity of illness, the chaos of life, and the hope that can be drawn from God’s undying love.

These verses help release pain and inspiration to live in the Word of God.

Readers who wish to experience this profound work can purchase this uplifting emotionally and spiritually powerful book in bookstores around the world, or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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