World Poetry Day – Budding poets to listen to!


Poetry is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of art. For ages, people have been writing poetry to express what they think and believe, but in a very beautiful literary way. Over time, along with the art of poetry, the art of reciting it has also evolved. Several open-mic performances are held these days where budding artists come to not only recite, but perform their poetry. If you’re interested in listening to good poetry, go listen to these artists as soon as you can:

Amandeep Singh:

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Amandeep Khyal is his pseudonym and we bet you will get lost in his khyal (thoughts) once you listen to it. He is a well-known Hindi storyteller and poet known for his interpretive style. Coming from an engineering background, he inspired many people by saying, “If my work doesn’t get in the way because of my dreams, my dreams won’t get in the way because of my work either. His latest poetry “Kya Dhundh Rahe Ho” and his best performance “Mai Tumhara Kaun Hu” are a must listen. Mai tumhara kaun hu beautifully portrayed the story of two lovers separated by fate. His other poem ‘kya dhundh rahe ho’ is a performance of mixed emotions and a person who is now busy with worldly responsibilities and has forgotten the innocence of childhood.

Priya Malik

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Priya Malik is a television personality, poet, actress, and presenter, but she has always identified herself first as a poet. She started writing and reciting from childhood. She is a huge fan of Amrita Pritam and it reflects in her work. ‘Main 2019 mein 1999 dhoondh rahi hoon’ is his most viral poetry worth listening to. This poem explains how a person living in the modern world can still expect old school love and be happy in it.

Rakesh Tiwari

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Also popularly known as Rhyming Tiwari, is a storyteller and poet who has an amazing following. He has played and motivated young people on a plethora of topics like love, mental health, financial independence and so much more. One of his poems ‘Vo Acha Admi Tha’ got a lot of love and we all should listen to it once. This beautiful poem by Rhyming Tiwari explains the storyline of a person suffering from mental illness and how people perceive him once he dies.

Krishna Singh

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With a beautiful sari, jhumkas and a red bindi, Krishna Singh wins hearts. She is now a viral sensation. She talks about her broken heart in her poem and interviews. His poetry also stems from his childhood memories. ‘Aakhri Khat’ is his last poem with Rakesh Tiwari. You can see her perform on prominent platforms like record tale, spread poetry, social house and much more. Aakhri Khat’s poem was released on Valentine’s Day, which explains how a relationship that started with passion and compassion can end before you even know it. Conversation in poetry explains the truth of relationships when understanding is lacking.

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