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Posted: Sun, November 21, 2021

A performance poet whose love letter to Wrexham has gone viral has teamed up for an unlikely collaboration with a leading orchestra for a new work on the pandemic.

The piece, by Evrah Rose, will be premiered at a special concert to mark the 10th anniversary of NEW Sinfonia, based in Wrexham and St Asaph.

She rose to prominence in 2019 when her poem, I Am From Wrexham, which was written in response to the unfair bad press the city had received, drew applause and tens of thousands of hits on social media. .

Evrah has now joined forces with NEW Sinfonia and their newly formed choir, NEW Voices, to create the new work titled ‘There’s Just no Time’.

He looks back on the experiences of the choristers during the Covid-19 crisis and the lockdowns that followed.

The piece will be performed at one of 10 concerts and events hosted by brothers Robert and Jonathan Guy, who founded NEW Sinfonia, which is also the resident orchestra of the North Wales International Music Festival in St Asaph.

Entitled Ten4Ten, the events will take place at St Giles Parish Church in Wrexham and Tŷ Pawb Town Community Arts Center on the weekend of November 26-28.

Other festival highlights will include the world premiere of a new work by Jonathan Guy and a concert featuring the Chester Dee-Sign choir singing by signing for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Evrah, 33, a former caregiver from Wrexham, said she hadn’t done anything like the recent collaboration with the choir.

“I jumped at the chance when they asked me to participate,” she explained.

“I went to some of the rehearsals and collected people’s experiences with the pandemic, good, bad or ugly.

“Some people were very positive about it – they lost weight and got in touch with nature and did things they hadn’t necessarily done before, like walks.

“Other people found it very difficult with the isolation and there were people in the middle where they felt isolated but also grateful for the kind of community spirit.

“It was a process of developing those experiences and then putting them into a written article.”

NEW Sinfonia co-founder Robert Guy said the choir worked closely with Evrah to create the piece.

Robert, who is Director of the University of Manchester’s Elite Undergraduate Conducting Program, Head of Choral Programs and Director of Ensembles, added: ‘This is a piece for a narrator while the choir accompanies the new piece. As.

“The play shows that it was difficult, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. It ends with a very beautiful chorale and the words “we are the light, we are the fight, we are the security that we can hold”.

He said, “It’s a narrative piece and I wrote a piece for the orchestra to play right under the narrator as an accompaniment, and then the choir joins in the final section.

The music for the new work is one of many pieces written for the festival by Jonathan Guy.

Another piece of music written by Jonathan is the accompaniment to a song called The Nightingale which was for a competition run by the Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham during the first lockdown.

“My dad wrote the song and it was sung at the concert with the Chester DeeSign choir at the Angels Sign and Sing concert. We called it that because at St Giles Church there is a festival of angels.

“With the orchestra playing, the choir is singing and people will be signing in British Sign Language. I think it will be a very moving event. We’ll also be singing Robat Arwyn’s Anfonaf Angel, which fits the theme well. angels, ”he said.

Since its founding in 2011, NEW Sinfonia has performed in various venues with leading performers and soloists.

“We’re a professional music organization, but we’re really passionate about breaking down barriers and making our concerts as inclusive as possible.

“It tries to show that we are a 21st century music organization that works with a variety of artists with and without disabilities. Regardless, it’s all about the music, ”said Robert.

Two family events for kids as the orchestra brings Slumbersaurus classical music history to life! Ysgol Deiniol Marchwiel’s children design works of art for this performance.

Another concert features music from established and well-known composers such as Saint Seans and Dukas and new Welsh composers including Patrick Rimes from Bethesda and Angharad Jenkins from Swansea. Both are members of the famous Calan folk group.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I think there is something for everyone,” said Robert.

Further information and tickets for the festival are available on the NEW Sinfonia website https://www.newsinfonia.org.uk/copy-of-events

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