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“Metamorphosis,” by Abrie Howe, 17, of Stowe.

“I am a woman, hear me roar,” sang Australian musician Helen Reddy in 1971. It’s a powerful message that can still be seen today on posters of women standing up for their rights outside buildings across the country. ‘State, and taken up by Milton’s poetess Maria Beaulieu. Drawing on the feminist sass of her unnamed idols, this week’s featured writer stomps and announces her fiery newfound courage to the world.

By Maria Beaulieu, 17, of Milton

A warrior princess
with golden armor
and an aluminum core
told me to hold my anger.

Let boil and let rise
until the steam hits your tongue,
And when they sound like you’re too young,
breathe the fire of your soul.

Let your words be the embers
fell at their feet.
Don’t let your tears get hot —
watch it burn slowly.

Warrior, Goddess, Princess, Queen,
with an armor both palpable and strong,
teach me how my anger is passion
and my frankness is professional.
show me this saying Nope is not unpleasant,
just as crying is neither weak nor feminine,
but human.

These lessons that I know to be true,
if they are the only facts I will ever know.
Because warrior, goddess, princess, queen,
do i see

in the ponds on sunny days,
And when his gaze meets mine,
mouth in a straight line – without a smile to appease the masses –
my own reflection floods the frame.

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