Works by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Zanaida Robles will be featured in the celebration of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor



Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena, California will celebrate the 147th birthday of Black-English composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor with the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Celebration, featuring two special performances of the composer’s work.

“Sacred Choral Music of Coleridge-Taylor and Robles” premieres August 12, 2022. The concert features a crossover selection of sacred works by Coleridge-Taylor and artistic director and composer Dr. Zanaida Robles. On the program, two compositions of “Magnificat” and “Nunc Dimittis”, written by Coleridge-Taylor and Robles. “Ecstatic Expectancy”, composed by Robles and featuring percussionist Dave Tull, will also be performed. The work mixes classical choral music and rock improvisation.

August 14, 2022, Music Sunday! Church Service will present Coleridge-Taylor’s most famous work, “Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast,” from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “The Song of Hiawatha.” The work includes music by Native composers alongside Coleridge-Taylor’s fusion of Native legend, classic American poetry, and English late Romantic music.

Robles will lead the performances, featuring the Coleridge-Taylor Singers and the Coleridge-Taylor Celebration Chorus.

The church is the first stop as the celebration heads to Carnegie Hall for a performance of “Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast” presented by National Concerts. The Harvard-Westlake Choirs and Orchestras of Southern California are scheduled to perform, with Robles on the podium. The work was last shown at Carnegie Hall in 1915.

“Researching the life and work of Coleridge-Taylor has been an eye-opening experience since I first encountered his music as an undergraduate student in vocal performance,” Robles said in a statement. hurry. “It is a privilege and a joy to present this celebration, which is part of a larger commitment to expand the choral canon and elevate underrepresented voices, including Indigenous artists and composers.

“Sacred Choral Music of Coleridge-Taylor and Robles” is a ticketed event, while Music Sunday! Religious service is free.

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